Sensitive to noise? Turn down the volume on stress with these noise reducing earplugs

Are you extremely sensitive to or easily triggered by noise? You could be a highly sensitive person (HSP), neurodivergent, or suffering from a concussion or PTSD. Even if you don’t have anything diagnosable, maybe you’ve noticed that noise tends to trigger sensory overload or anxiety.

Sound familiar? Read on for some advice on how to down the volume on stress while living out loud.

Noise protection for sensitive ears

Noise sensitivity comes in all shapes and sizes, just like us. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by loud noise at concerts or sports games, or if everyone is talking at once. Or perhaps some specific sounds trigger irritation and anxiety but others don’t bother you. Sensitivity can range from mild discomfort to actual pain.

For some, it can cause social issues if they have trouble filtering out background noise and focusing on conversation.

Research by Loop shows that women tend to be more noise sensitive, but a third of those who suffer from noise anxiety are men.

The everyday noises of life in a city, with small kids or in loud working environments can have a serious effect on those who are sensitive to noise. It can wear on their mental health and lead to grinding headaches or migraines.

For many people,excess noise triggers a fight or flight response, causing panic attacks or meltdowns. Knowing this, they may tend not to go out and do things for fear of becoming overwhelmed.

This can have a big impact on their lives as it can prevent them from doing a lot of stuff that other people would consider normal.

We surveyed 500 UK-based adults suffering from noise sensitivity, to find out more about the impact noise sensitivity has on their life. Here you can read the noise sensitivity survey results.

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Noise reducing earplugs are not one size fits all

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve already been hunting for high-quality earplugs, whether it’s for everyday life, to ride a motorcycle or listen to live music. If so you’ve probably discovered that the standard sizes don’t fit everyone, and that a lot of earplugs can get uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. Not to mention how eco-unfriendly disposable ones can be. But then fitted ones can be very pricy.

There are other problems with existing solutions too. Foam earplugs muffle sound and block out noise you actually want to hear, like music or conversation. Bulky noise cancelling headphones can make people avoid talking to you, or talk to you even louder. Ideally an earplug would help you get more out of life, instead of shutting you off from the world.

Loop earplugs have got you covered

Luckily, a few years ago there was a major breakthrough that can help people who are prone to sensory overload.

Enter Loop earplugs, which combine an acoustic channel and a mesh to effectively reduce the volume of noise without distorting it. With an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 8, Loop filters noise to reduce its intensity, without isolating you from people and your surroundings.

Our earplugs reduce noise by up to 23 decibels, keeping the edge off while still allowing you to appreciate the beauty of music and focus on conversations.

All Loop Earplugs

In the meantime Loop earplugs have become a worldwide phenomenon.

By providing easily replaceable tips in a range of sizes, we offer you a high-quality noise reduction solution that feels custom-made for an affordable price.

But what really gets people excited is that they are sleek and stylish, without a battery to recharge. Barely noticeable, the simple rings nestled in your ear look more like earrings than earplugs.

Available in simple black or silver, gorgeous gold or rose gold, or even encrusted with diamonds for some extra bling.

These are earplugs to get you out there in the world and enjoying life at a volume that you feel comfortable with.

Curious to know more about Loop? Wondering where to buy these earplugs? Head over to our shop and get your pair.

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