Tired of being tired? Meet Loop Quiet – your new bedtime earplugs.

  • “The first time in 8 years I’ve had a good night’s sleep!”

    - Matthieu L.

Noise reduction earplugs for sleep

Your bed is your sanctuary, where you collapse after a whirlwind day for a restful night’s sleep – or at least, that’s how it should be.

But for some people, it’s not that simple.

Your partner snoring. The sound of revellers at the pub along the road. Dogs barking all night long. All of these sounds – and more – can make it hard to get to sleep. And if you’re a light sleeper, you might find yourself waking up frequently – or earlier than you might like, if the birds chirping outside have anything to do with it.

But you don’t need to resign yourself to a life of poor sleep. Sleep earplugs are a simple, cost-effective solution that’ll help you to fall asleep faster – and stay asleep for longer.

Benefits of using earplugs for sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, it can have a real impact on your health. The NHS recommends that adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night – but with a chorus of car horns or noisy neighbours that goal can easily slip away. And it can be even worse for shift workers.

Without enough sleep, you’re sure to feel sluggish at work the next day. You might struggle to focus, and maybe you skip your lunchtime gym session due to tiredness. Maybe you’re grumpier than usual, picking fights with your colleagues, friends, family – or even the bus driver.

But the results can extend far beyond the immediate next-day effects to have an impact on your long-term health. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression: these can all be caused by a lack of sleep.Improving your sleep can be the key to a better quality of life, both in the short and long term. And it’s not as difficult as you might think to achieve those 7 to 9 hours a night – and remember, the quality of your sleep matters as much as the quantity. That’s where sleeping with earplugs comes in.

Improve your sleep the Loop Earplugs way

Meet Loop Quiet silicone sleep earplugs. Like all the best earplugs for sleeping, they’re made from super soft silicone, and come with a choice of four different ear tip sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for you and sleep soundly all night long.

Plus, they offer up to 24 decibels (SNR) and 14 dB (NRR) of noise reduction to reduce the amount of noise you hear. The hustle and bustle outside will fade away, letting you fall easily into a better sleep.

And they’re perfect for taking on the go, too. They come in a handy Carry Case so you can stash them in your pocket or bag, ready to whip out if you need a catnap on a long train journey, or need to find focus in a noisy office. And because they’re reusable, you can wash and rewear them day after day and night after night.

That’s why we developed
Loop Quiet earplugs

  • - 24 dB of noise reduction

    To block out any disruptions that usually wake you in the night.

  • Flexible & comfortable

    Made from soft-touch silicone for all-night comfort, even for the side sleepers.

  • Stay put all night long

    Thanks to their adjustable ear tips and innovative Loop design.

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Since 2019, they’ve helped over 1,000,000 troubled sleepers get the good night’s rest they deserve.

Loop Quiet earplugs are one of the best noise-reducing earplugs for sleeping. By blocking out up to 24 dB of noise, Loop Quiet helps you fall (and stay) asleep with ease. And because they’re made from hypoallergenic flexible silicone, they offer all-night comfort, even for side sleepers!

  • “This is what I’ve needed my whole life! I’ve never slept so soundly. Thank you!”

    Rachel B.
  • "Living in a busy city centre, this really saved my good nights rest."

    Sam D.
  • “Finally I found good earplugs for sleeping that don't hurt my ears.”

    Anne S.
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  • 100-day free return

    Give Loop Quiet earplugs a try, and if they don’t improve your sleep, send them back within 100 days for a full refund. No hard feelings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep with Loop Earplugs?

Absolutely – Loop Quiet earplugs are your best friend for a good night’s sleep. They’re made from soft silicone and come with a choice of four ear tip sizes, to ensure a tailor-made fit for all-night comfort.

Are Loop Earplugs safe to sleep in?

Loop Quiet earplugs are safe to sleep in. Just remember to insert them properly – that's the key to silencing the noise and enjoying a comfortable sleep.

Is it bad to sleep with earplugs?

No, earplugs aren’t bad for you. In fact, they can be a great solution if you struggle to get to sleep – or wake up frequently during the night.

Are earplugs for sleeping comfortable?

They are indeed. Loop Quiet earplugs are specially designed for sleep, made from soft-touch silicone and designed to reduce noise by up to 24 dB (SNR). And with a choice of ear tip sizes for the perfect fit, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Can I use earplugs for sleeping if I sleep on my side?

Absolutely, earplugs are suitable for every type of sleeper – even if you're a side sleeper. The flexible design of Loop Quiet earplugs ensures that they stay put, even if you change positions during the night.

Can I still hear my alarm clock if I wear earplugs for sleeping?

Loop Quiet earplugs offer up to 24 dB (SNR) of noise reduction, but they don’t completely block out sounds. That means you should still be able to hear your alarm clock ringing – but if you’re a particularly heavy sleeper, consider setting a louder alarm, or use a vibrating one instead.

Can I use earplugs for sleeping every night?

You can wear earplugs every night for sleeping. Just remember to wash them regularly to prevent the build up of any dirt or bacteria – easy to do when you use reusable earplugs for sleeping which you can simply wipe clean with soapy water and a damp cloth.

How effective are earplugs for sleeping in reducing snoring sounds?

Snoring is one of the most common things to keep people awake at night – but earplugs can help to reduce the volume. Loop Quiet earplugs offer 24 decibels (SNR) of noise reduction, which should decrease the sound of even the loudest snoring, so you can sleep soundly.

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