Earplugs For Travel

The passengers sitting beside you talking loudly. The kid at the back of the bus playing videos out loud on their phone. Train announcements every five minutes. The hustle and bustle during a flight.

Whether you’re on the morning commute or taking an exciting trip abroad, travel can be noisy. You want to get to your destination feeling relaxed and in control – not stressed and agitated from the noise all around you.

Luckily, there’s one simple way you can take the edge off, whether you’re travelling by car, train, bus or plane: earplugs for travel.

Why are earplugs essential for travelling?

Planes, trains, buses and cars are loud. Some London Underground routes are as noisy as a rock concert, with sound levels reaching a whopping 110 decibels. If you’re flying, the plane can be as loud as 105 dB during take off and landing – and even when you’re in the air, cabin noise sits at around 85 decibels.

Prolonged exposure to noise can put you at risk of potential hearing damage. So whether you’re travelling to work on the tube, or jetting off on holiday, your method of transport could lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

And even if the noise isn’t that loud, it can still be a lot to deal with, especially if you’re sensitive to noise. All those little sounds can build up, causing anxiety, panic attacks or distress.

And it’s not just while you’re travelling. Sometimes when you arrive at your destination – whether it’s the office or a holiday resort – the noise keeps on coming. Construction noise outside your office window. Other hotel guests partying all night long. Whatever it is, it can be hard to deal with.

You might be tempted to put in your earbuds and drown out all the noise by playing your favourite tunes at top volume. But that can damage your ears – not to mention making noise sensitivity even worse.

Instead, let earplugs for travel take the stress out of travelling. They’ll reduce the noise to a safer level, while taking the edge off if you feel overwhelmed.

Our earplugs for traveling

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What makes Loop Earplugs ideal for travelling?

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, earplugs can help you to arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed and less stressed – while protecting your hearing, too.

Want some peace and quiet so you can get to sleep while you’re travelling? Loop Quiet earplugs offer up to 24 decibels of noise reduction. That means you can reduce the volume of noise to a safer, more tolerable level, letting you nod off more easily.

Want to chat while you’re on the go, while reducing the sound of overwhelming noises? Try Loop Engage earplugs which offer up to 16 dB (SNR) and 10 dB (NRR) of noise reduction – or the Loop Engage Plus which reduce the volume by a further 5 decibels.

Need to improve your concentration on your commute or business trip, to get those last-minute emails done and dusted? Try Loop Experience, which offer up to 18 dB (SNR) and 7 dB (NRR) of noise reduction, or a further 5 dB with Loop Experience Plus.

All of our earplugs are designed for all-day comfort. They come with a choice of ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for you, and the tips are made from super soft silicone. So you can just pop them in and get on with your journey in peace.

And unlike traditional foam earplugs, which you need to throw away after every use, our earplugs are reusable. Simply wash or wipe them clean, then pop them back in their handy Carry Case – the perfect solution for frequent travellers.

Banish those banshees

We know how precious the ability to hear is. And we want to make sure you can hear for a long time to come.  

Let’s banish those screaming banshees from the subway once and for all – with travel earplugs. But what are the best earplugs for train noise, traffic and travel? 

Earplugs that are safe, stylish and comfortablelike Loop: 

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Bring noise to a safer volume for your ears.

° Want some peace and quiet on a plane? Loop Quiet offers 24 dB noise reduction.

° Want to be able to hear conversations – but while still protected? Loop Engage and Loop Experience reduce noise levels to 16dB and 18dB respectively. You can reduce the volume even more with Mute add-ons.


Loop earplugs come as a stylish ring design in a range of colors and fit discreetly in your ears (and come with an earplug travel case).


With memory foam and silicone ear tips, Loop earplugs fit snugly and comfortably. When you’re squished like a canned sardine in the subway, and shoved around during rush hour, you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

  • “I bought these for my daughter who struggles with traffic noise…They are perfect.”

    - Wendy K. 
  • “They are effective in reducing traffic noise and fit comfortably.”

    - Laura B.
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Live life at your volume

Whether you’re traveling on the loudest subway route in the city, sitting next to screaming children on a plane, or driving through endless traffic (check your local laws about whether you’re allowed to drive with earplugs), you won’t be jarred anymore.  

We’ll take care of your ears while you do the commuting. Hello beautiful mornings.

Order yours now

100 days free return

Try them during your next commute, and if you’re not a fan you can return them within 100 days. Free.  

No hard feelings

Frequently asked questions

Can earplugs help with travel-related issues such as motion sickness or vertigo?

Motion sickness is caused by conflicting sensory signals received by the brain from the eyes and inner ear. Some people find that earplugs alleviate their symptoms, as they limit external noise, and help to reduce sensory overwhelm.

What methods of transport are Loop earplugs suitable for use on?

Whether you’re looking for earplugs for train noise, want to reduce the noise when flying, or need to protect your ears on your motorbike, Loop earplugs are made for you.

Can I use the same earplugs for travel that I use at home or at work?

All of Loop’s earplugs are reusable, so you can wear the same earplugs for travel as you do at home or work. Just choose the ones that best suit your needs – or get a pair for every occasion.

How do earplugs help in reducing travel-related stress and fatigue?

Travelling can be noisy, which causes stress, anxiety and fatigue for some people. Earplugs reduce external noise and create a quieter environment, which can reduce sensory overload, helping you to feel more relaxed and less tired.

Can I sleep comfortably with earplugs during long-haul flights or train rides?

Loop Quiet earplugs are perfect for sleeping on long-haul flights and train journeys. They’re made from soft silicone and offer up to 24 decibels of noise reduction, so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

Can I wear earplugs continuously while travelling, or should they be worn intermittently?

Our earplugs are designed to be comfortable for all-day and all-night wear, and come with a choice of ear tip sizes so you can get the right fit for you. Once inserted properly, you should find them comfortable to wear for the length of your journey.

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