Which Loop Earplugs are right for me?

We’ve just released Loop Engage, our newest earplug designed with conversation in mind. Helping you speak and connect without that echoey, head-underwater feeling. We developed Engage based on extensive research and feedback, to accommodate more user needs.  

And there are lots of them: Loop users come from all walks of life, with all kinds of hobbies and challenges. From music and events to noise sensitivity, parenting to motorcycling, focus to sleep. Loops have changed over a million lives around the world, and we’re just getting started. 

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help determine which Loops are best for different situations. 

Your guide on how to choose your Loops

When to opt for Engage Earplugs

Our newest earplugs are designed to help you filter the noise and not your voice. Over the years we’ve heard from lots of users about the feeling of ‘body sounds’ echoing in their heads while they’ve got earplugs in.

Enter Loop Engage, which we developed following extensive research and development. They seriously limit that head-underwater feeling, thanks to an acoustic channel with a newly designed filter. Affording up to 16 decibels of coverage without affecting the quality or clarity of your voice. 

Loop Engage are great for people with noise sensitivity, and others who want coverage in social settings without feeling like their speech is affected. They’re also great for parents. 

Loop Experience Loop Experience

When to reach for Experience Earplugs

Experience earplugs are useful in lots of settings – especially ones where the quality of the things you hear matters. Like at live music and events, or while on the road or parenting.

Users with noise sensitivity swear by Experience earplugs when it comes to managing sensitivities and avoiding sensory overload.

Experience provide up to 18 dB of noise reduction, all while maintaining the same level of coverage – no matter the pitch or intensity of the sound. This is thanks to a square acoustic channel capped by a membrane and a mesh filter.

Loop Quiet to the rescue

Loop Quiet round out our product range, backing you when it comes to serious noise reduction. They provide up to 27 decibels of coverage and are great for getting in the zone, shutting out sounds and even sleeping (they’re made of super comfortable silicone).

Get Quiet

No matter your situation, Loop’s got you covered. With earplugs and add-ons for any situation – with Loop Mutes offering 5 decibels of extra coverage for Experience and Engage. 


Still unsure? Loop’s customer service team will be happy to answer your questions. Get in touch here


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