A Career
At Your Volume

On a mission
On a mission

We want our customers to live life at their volume. Be it loud or quiet, our earplugs filter out the noise without compromising on style. Our story started in 2018 and we haven't looked back since.

We hire people who are great at what they do. But just as important, are a good match for us. Here’s what we value in our present team and what we look for in future team members.

What We Look For

Learn on the fly

Loop started with 2 people trying to do a 100 things. Did we start out knowing everything about acoustics? Of course not, but we got smarter along the way. That's the attitude we look for. Curiously diving into new areas of expertise that help you become a better professional and Loop a better company.

Contagious positivity

Given the state of the world this might be a poor choice of words. But we're sticking to it. Because we like work to be fun, even though it can be incredibly challenging. A positive mindset goes a long way.

Fail fast, fail cheap

Don't get us wrong. We love to get it right from the start. But that simply isn't possible in our world. Often times we just go for it and let data tell us where we need to improve. No data available? Then we trust our instinct. A bit of risk-taking keeps us on our toes.

You have made it this far. Is this what they call second base then? Here's what you would be signing up for at Loop...

Life in the Loop

A week at Loop

On Monday we start out with a weekly meeting where we set priorities and where everyone shares a recent learning. What follows is hard to say. Because at Loop everybody manages their workload and schedule autonomously. We make sure to plan several moments to sync up and then we get to it.

Food, drinks & fun

Having fun (at a distance) is vital for us. What does fun look like at Loop? Balls of Fury-esque pingpong tournaments in our HQ, healthy lunch breaks in the garden and not-so healthy afterwork drinks on Friday.

Work from anywhere

We work from all over the world. All we really need is a reliable internet connection and we are good to go. This means that we collaborate digitally and work autonomously. At times we also need to go beyond our job description (if we ever had those) to get the right results or partner with external experts to get an outside view.


We Are Awesome

But don't believe our word for it. Ask the team.

What I Love
What I Love

"Loop helps people with hearing damage, misophonia, etc. The pandemic has revealed to me that this small, non-medical, in-ear wearable has so much to offer."

- Robrecht / Product Innovation Lead

Because It Helped Me
Because It Helped Me

"I am a motion designer at Loop. But also a young mom of 2 adorable kids. The fact that I wear Loop Quiet day and night is self-explanatory. But here’s what I really love about my work: I can help mothers worldwide experience motherhood at their volume."

- Laura / Motion Designer

Here's what sets us apart as an employer and why you should join us...

Why Choose Loop?

Small company, big impact

What we do really, actually, genuinely changes people's lives for the better. We can't stress it enough. The responses that we get from our customers is what keeps us going. If you want to be part of something bigger and have a positive impact on people, then you're in the right place.

DIY Team

Building a great team results in building ever greater products for our customer. That's why our team organizes their own teambuilding activities. That's also why you can find us dancing at Tomorrowland one week and wandering off into the woods the next. We take care of ourselves as a team.

Based in Antwerp, shipped wordwide

Our earplugs help people all over the world. It goes without saying that our team works all over too. Digital collaboration, lots of autonomy and an urge to conquer the world is how we go about things. Our roots lie in the beautiful city of Antwerp but our reach is global.


Open Positions

Get in the Loop

Can’t find the right role? Plenty job openings to come!

Email your resume to loopearplugs@jobs.workablemail.com to be considered for new positions in the future.