Values drive us.
Constellations guide us.

At Loop, our core values shape everything we do. They define our culture, guide our decisions and set the standards for how we operate as a brand and company.

    • How we honor our values with our constellations

    • Constellations are easily recognisable patterns that help people orient themselves using the night sky. Our Loopers are our stars – together they live our 5 constellations.

      These constellations will guide all Loopers in taking decisions, deciding on a direction and making choices. They are the signposts or lighthouses on which we orient ourselves.

    Think Big

    We don’t just shoot for the moon – we aim for the galaxy beyond it. Our engines run on big ambitions, and taking the right actions to achieve them.

    How we live this Constellation:

    • Set the bar high - for ourselves and for Loop.
    • Innovate where we differentiate, doing things differently where we make the biggest impact.
    • Take short term actions but never compromise on the long term impact.

    Stay Curious

    Loopers are curious by nature. Through embracing humility, daring to experiment and hunting for feedback we unlock the possibilities of continuous learning as individuals and as a company.

    How we live this Constellation:

    • Be humble and eager to learn: stay open to new perspectives, and be consciously incompetent.
    • Never be afraid to take risks and experiment to accelerate our learning; by testing, failing and iterating fast.
    • Be hungry for candid feedback: Actively seek out Radical Candor to accelerate your growth and improve your work.

    Make it Happen

    Loopers aren't afraid of big dreams, but know they require action, not just wishing. We drive things forward, overcome obstacles, and take responsibility for our expertise and actions.

    How we live this Constellation:

    • Have a strong sense of urgency; we are building the tracks while we ride them.
    • Make sure you have the right context and then don’t be afraid to take ownership and accountability.
    • Challenges and change are part of our day to day, and being persistent in overcoming them is how we keep moving forward.

    Keep it Simple

    Simplicity is faster and cheaper to build, maintain and adapt, which allows us to scale nimbly and at rocket speed. So we aim to keep it simple: In our products, process and the way we work together.

    How we live this Constellation:

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel on topics where we are not unique.
    • Communicate clearly; don’t lose time on indirect feedback and communicate in way that is crisp and easy to understand
    • Critically reassess and simplify processes that don’t serve us, and remove friction where you can.

    Thrive Together

    We love to celebrate life and uniqueness - and we create the space for everyone to show up in theirs. We believe we thrive when our customers, community, and colleagues do too.

    How we live this Constellation:

    • Take the time to build trust and connection, as we know this is the essential foundation to strong teams and brands.
    • Live fully and be you; we believe in thriving in positivity and through authenticity - and having fun along the way.
    • Delight your customers - be it internally or externally.

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