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hearing your own voice hearing your own voice

What you’ve said

We’ve looked through thousands of reviews and overall, it seems that hearing your own voice and other internal noises like chewing, breathing, and movements too loudly in your head (the occlusion effect) and not having enough volume reduction (sound attenuation) are common themes.

In some situations, these things can get in the way of comfortably staying engaged with your surroundings. We also completely understand that sometimes you’d like less visible earplugs in social settings.

In some cases, these gripes can cause people to avoid noisy public places entirely. But there has to be a better way…

We’ve got your ears covered

Many of you are primarily looking for earplugs that reduce noise levels by a large amount.

This is why we created Loop Quiet, which are perfect for loud situations where you need to focus or relax, including when you’re:

* Studying
* Sleeping
* Traveling
* Working with or around tools and machinery

Take me to Loop Quiet

Some of you prefer earplugs that reduce volume but which at the same time preserve sound and music quality, so we created Loop Experience.

These earplugs are ideal in situations/places such as: 

* Gigs
* Festivals
* Cinemas
* Theaters

We’ve worked hard to provide earplugs that help you live your life to the fullest, whatever your lifestyle and preferences.

But we realize some situations can still be overwhelming.

Discover Loop Experience

We want to do more to support:

* Those of you with noise sensitivity and noise-related anxiety
* People who find it hard to get maximum enjoyment out of activities in social settings, where you want to hold a conversation (bars, parties, restaurants, dinners with friends)
* Parents and childcare professionals who need to hear clearly, but at a reduced volume to take the edge off

Filter the noise, not your voice. Loop Engage, coming October 18th.​

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