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How to choose the best earplugs for concerts and music?

Ever felt like you wanted to adjust the sound levels of your surroundings?
That’s possible! Wear earplugs!
Yeah right! The sound will just get muffled.

WRONG! You just have to buy the right ones.
Here are our tips:

Filtering versus blocking

Blocking sound just muffles everything and gives you that “I’m underwater”-feeling. And since you’re not fishy, you don’t want to live in an aquarium. So avoid earmuffs and foam earplugs if you don’t want this effect. Although this type of hearing protection is great for sleeping, they’re not the best solution when you want to listen to music or be aware of your surroundings.

Loop solves this problem. Sound waves enter via a small opening and pass through a hollow acoustic channel. It gives Loop its unique shape while making sure music and speech remain clear.

How earplugs work

Universal fit versus moldable fit and custom fit

Make sure you’re always ready to go and pick the universal fit earplugs. The silicone or foam tips of the plugs are built to suit everyone. Plus, the silicone is easy to clean.

Moldable earplugs aren’t plugged and play. First, you have to heat them up, let them cool down to a safe temperature and shape them like your ear. Then let them harden. Then you’re good to go. And often these moldable things are made of soft and sticky stuff. This makes them hard to clean.

Then you have the custom fit made by an audiologist. They’re perfect for you because they’re shaped like your ear. Too bad ears keep growing for the rest of your life os after a few years have to go back through the process of making these expensive custom earplugs.

Loop is a part of the universal fit category. The Loops come with a range of foam ear tips in different sizes and a pair of silicone tips so you can pick whatever suits you best.


This brings us to comfort. When you’re at a concert, in a club or at a festival you’re enjoying music for a couple of hours. So you’ll need earplugs that will comfortably protect your hearing the whole time you’re there.

In this case, custom fit earplugs will definitely feel best being shaped like your unique ear shape. Sadly enough, these plugs aren’t for everyone because of their price tag.

In second place you have the universal earplugs. They’re made to fit anyone.

Loop is the universal of universal earplugs. Like I said above: The Loops come with a range of foam ear tips in different sizes and a pair of silicone tips so you can pick whatever suits you best. And party safe and comfortable as long as you want!

Ugly versus fashionable

Maybe this sounds weird, but think about it. What’s one of the main reasons you don’t want to wear earplugs? Probably because you don’t feel like they go with your personal style. I can’t blame you. A silicone Christmas tree up your ear doesn’t look that sexy. Luckily enough there are some fancy and elegant earplugs, you’d actually want to wear.

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes. But without bragging, Loop has the looks.
The Loops come in a range of 8 colors: Raving Red, Midnight Black, Flirty Rose Gold, Glorious Gold, and Swinging Silver


You’ll have foam plugs for a few cents and can buy a bulk of them just under $10. The reason we didn’t discuss them earlier in this article is that they’re quite worthless. (pun intended)

Universal earplugs are more in a price range between $10 and $40, considering what brand and what type you buy.

Generally, custom earplugs are expensive or really expensive. Due to the process of how they’re made, the materials and the number of people working on them.

But are you ready to spend so much money on earplugs? Because the possibility exists that you lose one of your earplugs while dancing in the crowd or headbanging yourself into eternity.


Is it easy to replace a lost earplug? Yes, it is. But only when you bought some universal earplugs. You can easily switch brands or buy the same pair again to replace a lost plug.

That’s harder with the custom made plugs. You’d have to go back to your audiologist and again sit through the whole process. And again pay the quite high price for this plug.

Are they easy to store away?

If you don’t get a case to store your earplugs, chances are you’re going to lose them pretty quick when you’re not using them.
Those tiny keychain containers are useful. You can always carry them with you. Not too big to fit in your pocket, not too small to easily lose.
But most of the time just big enough for that awkward: “Ow is that a set of earplugs in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”.
So maybe go with a leather pouch or something. Beautiful, easy to store or carry in your pocket and the zipper can be attached to a keychain. Talking about win-win-win over here.

The noise reduction level

Let’s not forget that we’re trying to protect your ears. Make sure you check the decibel reduction. An average music concert is around 100db. In some countries, like Belgium, concerts have to keep a concert between 100db-105db. Still too loud for your ears, so you better search for a reduction between 15db and 20db. To put this in perspective a normal conversation is around 60db and a lot safer for your ears.

Earplugs for every occasion

An earplug designed for music suits many situations. Maybe you’re looking for one for a special event or occasions like concerts, festivals or maybe you’re a musician? We’ve listed the top features of the most popular events where you should be protecting your ears.

Earplugs for Concerts
Earplugs for Nightlife and Clubbing
Earplugs for Festivals
Earplugs for Musicians
Earplugs for Motorcycling/Motorsport
Earplugs for Travelling



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