Looking for the right ear protection from noise? These earplugs have got you covered

Looking for the right ear protection from noise? These earplugs have got you covered

While many people are extra sensitive to sound, all of us can sometimes suffer from noise overload. Perhaps you’ve been looking for ear protection from noise, but you don’t see it as something that’s practical for daily life. Find out here why the right earplugs can be a game changer, helping protect your ears in all sorts of situations:

Why you want noise protection for your ears

There are lots of reasons why people may seek out noise protection for their ears. A whole host of conditions cause heightened sensitivity to sound, from autism or ADD to tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears. Or take hyperacusis for example, where people are hyper sensitive to loud sounds such as lawn mowers, ambulance sirens or loud music. Or misophonia, where people can have strong emotional and even physiological responses to common sounds like other people chewing or breathing.

Just because you don’t have one of these specific conditions doesn’t mean you can’t suffer from noise overload. Some people are simply more sensitive than others when it comes to certain loud noises, or when it comes to hearing multiple sounds at once. Reactions can range from mild discomfort to a stronger response, even pain.

Those with auditory overresponsiveness may have difficulty focusing on conversations because it’s hard to filter out background noise. This can put pressure on relationships or get in the way of their jobs. Heightened stress or sleeplessness caused by noise can have an effect on your energy level and ultimately your health. It only makes sense that you might seek out earplugs for work, sleeping, or just daily life.

Did you know that some people have noise sensitivity to mouth breathers / loud breathers? To find out more about the impact noise sensitivity has on adults’ life, here you can see the noise sensitivity survey results we received from the 500 UK-based adults suffering from this.

What kind of noise canceling hearing protection is the way to go?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about using ear protectors for noise, but find it a bit excessive for daily or even occasional use. It could be you just haven’t found the right pair, ones that sit so naturally in your ear that you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. High fidelity earplugs like this come in handy if you want to go to a concert, or maybe ride a motorcycle.

Of course, most people have discovered that good earplugs are not one size fits all. It’s common knowledge that wearing earplugs for a long time can be uncomfortable. Disposable foam earplugs come in standard sizes, and throwing them away after just one use pollutes the environment. But then custom-made ones may be too pricy.

Those are not the only problems with existing solutions either. Standard foam earplugs muffle every noise and block you off from the world. You might worry about eliminating noises you actually want to hear, like music or conversations. Noise canceling headphones can make you look like you don’t want anybody to talk to you, isolating you even more. What you need is noise canceling hearing protection that helps you be a calmer, kinder colleague, partner or parent. One that makes you feel normal and included, and do what anybody else does without fear of being triggered.

Loop, the best ear plugs for noise and hearing protection.

Fortunately, a few years ago a new alternative arrived on the scene for those who suffer from sensory overload. Worldwide phenomenon Loop earplugs combine an acoustic channel and a mesh, effectively reducing the volume of noise without distorting it. That means noise isn’t blocked out completely, just decreased in intensity without isolating you. So you don’t miss important sounds like your morning alarm or your baby crying out. Loop Quiet dampens sound a little more, but still just pushes noise to the background without blocking you off.

With easily replaceable tips in a range of sizes, Loop feels custom-made without the hefty price tag. Wondering how to put in your earplugs? Loop looks great, with a beautiful design that fits discreetly in your ear. Nothing bulky to call attention to you or make you feel like you don’t fit in. And unlike noise canceling headphones, they don’t have a battery to recharge! Did we mention they’re ecological? Our washable and reusable earplugs for ear protection help protect the environment from single-use pollution.

With Loop you can protect your ears (and your nerves) from damage, while still hearing everything in HD. What’s better than feeling safe and calm no matter what you’re doing? Loop are your ear-protecting partners in life! Does this sound right up your alley? Wondering where to get these awesome earplugs? Check out our shop to find a pair in lots of fun colors!

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