Is noise stopping you from sleeping? These noise reducing earplugs are what you need

We don’t need to tell you how important sleep is to your mood and health. But lots of people end up robbed of precious slumber by noise. Finding the right earplugs are key to getting the refreshing snooze you need to face the day and be your best. Read on to find out how the right noise reducing earplugs will help you rest easy:

Noise protection for ears can prevent sleep troubles

The noise is stopping you from sleeping, and you’re fed up with it – we get it. The culprit behind your disturbed sleep can be inside or outside the bedroom. A snoring partner or roommates, or outside noise like construction work, loud neighbors, music or traffic. Then there’s the difficulty of grabbing some z’s while you’re traveling for example on an airplane. Even if you manage to drift away, you may get woken up by noise. You may find yourself too frustrated and alert to get back to sleep.

Our sensitivity to noise changes throughout the different stages of our sleep cycle, with the lighter stages of sleep being the most easily disrupted. But even deeper stages can be disrupted by noise, as the sleeping brain continues to process sound. That means noises that don’t fully wake you up can still damage the quality of your sleep. Leaving you tired and irritable the next day.

If noise is stopping you from sleeping and you’re looking to get a full night’s rest, you need noise protection to guard your ears throughout the night. Letting you get to dreamland quickly and peacefully, and stay there until morning.

The problem with most ear plugs for sleeping

The most obvious solution for your sleeping woes are likely some wax or foam ear plugs from the pharmacy that you just stick in your ears and go. But it’s not that simple.

Lots of people find that their sleep problems don’t disappear with your standard earplugs. They just aren’t effective enough to drown out disturbing noises. On top of that they have a tendency to fall out, because they may not fit properly. Some people find them uncomfortable or even painful.

The ideal earplugs to sleep in are easy and fast to insert, since we tend to grab them in the moment out of frustration. They should also stay neatly inside the ear, so as not to cause discomfort for side sleeping. Finally they shouldn’t block out every noise: people still need to hear their alarm, their kids crying out, and to be able to pick up warning signals that something isn’t right.

A lot of people worry: is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?

The short answer is yes, but only if they are tailored to you. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to ears.

Earplugs for sleeping

Is noise stopping you from sleeping? Enter these noise reducing earplugs by Loop Quiet

Luckily Loop earplugs are always a perfect fit. Because we know every ear is unique. Loop Quiet are the pair you need to push noise to the background so you can enjoy uninterrupted slumber. At the same time they don’t isolate you completely. So you can rest assured you will hear what you need to hear.

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Loop Quiet offers a lot of advantages for great sleep: they’re easy to take in and out, and they fit ears of every size. Loop offers four different ear tips so you can find your best fit, and you also have the option of using memory foam ear tips. Made of a soft and flexible silicone, Loop Quiet ear plugs don’t stick out so you can sleep easy on either side. They bend as you move yet stay firmly put: no discomfort or searching for lost plugs in the night.

Quiet Earplugs Noise sleeping Quiet Earplugs Noise sleeping

On top of all that, Loop Quiet is ecological! The best noise reduction earplugs are washable and reusable, saving you money and protecting the environment. A win all around!

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