Parent suffering from auditory overload? Find your calm.

Parent suffering from auditory overload? Find your calm.

Are you a young parent, suffering from auditory overload and looking to find your calm? Or just sensitive to noise? While you want to be fully present for your kids, those little tykes sure can be noisy. Finding the right earplugs can help you drown out the extra noise so you can manage stress without missing a moment. Read on to find out how noise reducing earplugs can help you be a calmer, happier parent:

Many young parents are suffering from auditory overload

Keep the auditory overload from happening: wear ear protectors for noise

Are you a parent suffering from auditory overload, looking to find your calm? Just because parents love their kids with all their hearts, doesn’t mean they love the noise. Just as with any loud noises, your senses can get overloaded. People who are sensitive to noise can get easily overstimulated by loud sounds, or by hearing multiple sounds at once. While some people just feel annoyed, others can even experience extreme discomfort or even pain.

For young parents this can be a real challenge. Even if you accept noise as part of the package, it can still be difficult and draining to cope with it every day. It can affect your mood, causing anxiety and irritability and making it difficult to stay calm. Loud noises can also sap your energy, leaving you with less to give to others. Those with auditory overresponsiveness may have trouble coping with outside noises like traffic or loud music, keeping them from going out and doing things with their kids.

But don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel this way. There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive to noise: the trick is managing it the best you can. Perhaps you’ve thought about using ear protectors for noise, but find using them for daily life over the top. We beg to differ.

The problem with most soundproof ear plugs

Rest assured: it’s okay to look for soundproof ear plugs as parents. Did you know auditory overload can be eased with soundproof ear plugs? But not just any earplug will do. A good earplug is not a one size fits all deal. This makes things a little tricky.

You are probably well aware that wearing earplugs for a long time can be uncomfortable. Besides the fact that disposable ones aren’t good for the environment, which you want to leave in good shape for the next generation. On the other hand, custom earplugs come with a hefty price tag.

That’s not the only problem with existing solutions though. Noise canceling headphones can make people speak to you louder, or avoid you all together. Conventional foam or wax soundproof earplugs are a little more subtle, but they muffle out all sounds. You don’t want to miss your toddler’s first words, or your kid calling out after taking a tumble on the playground.

What you need are earplugs to help you manage noise so you can be a calmer, kinder parent instead of one who is always on edge. Ones that let you go to a birthday party without getting a migraine. Earplugs that help you turn down the noise so that you can focus on what’s important.

Relieve auditory overload and find your calm with Loop earplugs

Luckily there’s an alternative out there for parents who suffer from auditory overload and would like to find their calm. Loop earplugs combine an acoustic channel with a mesh to reduce the volume of noise without distorting it. They don’t block the noise out, rather they just decrease the intensity a bit without isolating you. That call for mommy or daddy will still come through clearly!

By providing easily replaceable tips in a range of sizes, Loop gives you a high-quality noise reduction solution that feels custom-made, without the expense. Did we mention they look great too? Loop looks more like earrings than earplugs, fitting discretely in your ear. Since they don’t have batteries, you won’t find yourself running out of juice at the playground either! Just pop them in and go rock the parenting thing without the extra noise.

Curious to know more? Wondering where to buy these earplugs? Visit our shop, get your pair and be a calmer parent without skipping a beat.

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