Get a good sleep with earplugs

Are you getting to bed on time hoping for a good sleep, only to have your sleep disturbed by some obnoxious noise in your house? It’s so frustrating to lose precious sleep and end up having one of those zombie days. Luckily with the right pair of earplugs to pop in whenever the need arises, you can face the day in top form.

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Can you sleep with Loop Earplugs?

Yes, you can sleep with Loop Earplugs. It is safe to use, and wearing earplugs can improve your quality and duration of sleep.

Is it safe to sleep with Loop Earplugs?

As a general rule, earplugs are considered safe to use while sleeping– although they can cause minor issues such as a buildup of earwax if used for long periods of time. Also maintain the necessary hygiene and clean them regurarly to avoid infections.

Which Loop Earplugs are best for sleeping?

We recommend Loop Quiet. Since they reduce 24 dB (compared to 18 dB for Experience or Engage) and are made from a more flexible soft silicone. They will make your sleep a lot more comfortable.

In the bedroom or on the airplane: use ear plugs to fight the noise

Are you looking to get a good sleep (with earplugs)? We hear you. You know the feeling: you have a big day tomorrow, but you just can’t get to sleep. Maybe it’s the jitters, but it could also be sensitivity to noise. Is it your snoring partner, roommates stumbling home or loud neighbors keeping you up? Or perhaps barking dogs, party people or traffic outside? For those who work night shifts and sleep during the day, it can be even tougher to catch some z’s.

Noise overload is also a common issue for people who are trying to get some rest on an airplane. Not everyone is comfortable sleeping in their seats, and then if you add all the normal airplane noises on top of it, it can be quite a challenge to get some shut-eye. Even if you do manage to navigate the noise and nod off, a lot of people get woken up and can’t fall back asleep because they’re too frustrated.

Noise protection for your ears is what you need. Don’t worry, with the right ear plugs you can protect your sleep without paying the price in comfort.

Is it safe to sleep with earplugs in? Oh yeah!

You may be wondering if it’s safe to sleep with ear plugs in.Absolutely! The reason you might be a little reluctant is that most noise reducing ear plugs are super uncomfortable and awkward to wear. You’ve probably tried picking up a pair of foam or wax earplugs at the pharmacy in desperation, but given them up because of the lack of comfort and the fact that you can only use them a few times.

Frankly, it’s not that safe if it’s just causing you more hassle and frustration, because you’ll probably end up losing even more sleep!

Some people are also worried about blocking out all noise. They still want to hear their alarm, their kids crying out, or warning sounds that something is off. So is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?

The answer is clear as a bell: you can, but you’ll need the right ones tailored to your ears. It’s time to get a good sleep with earplugs!

Get a good sleep with earplugs

Fortunately that is exactly the case with Loop Earplugs. A neat, comfortable pair that you can leave on your nightstand, ready to use any time you need it.

Loop comes with lots of benefits: they’re easy to take in and out, and fit any size ear. The flexible, soft material and tucked-in design lets you sleep comfortably on your side, back or belly.

Loop Quiet is made out of soft silicone so it bends with your ears as you move.

Earplugs for sleeping

And how does it keep down the noise? Loop gives you the perfect balance between turning down the volume without isolating you. You can still hear your morning alarm or your baby crying, without noises overwhelming you and keeping you from sleeping. The best thing is they’re also reusable, helping you save money and the environment. Enjoy beautifully designed premium ear plugs with multiple different tips to find your best fit, or use our memory foam option. Drifting off to dreamland has never been such a delight!

Curious to know more about how to get your snooze on in style? Wondering where to buy these nifty ear plugs?

Visit our shop and get your pair in a bunch of fun colors!

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