The trickiest ones to shop for? They love Loop earplugs

Because Loops are many gifts in one. They’re decibel coverage that doesn’t affect the quality of live music. They’re certified hearing protection that helps block out overwhelming sounds. They help people sleep, focus, parent and more. 

To help inspire your gift-giving this year, we’ve paired each Loop product with a typical Loop user’s profile. To show that when you give Loop earplugs, you’re giving the gift of music. And fun. And comfort, sleep, safety and peace of mind. 

Stay-at-home dads who rock out on the weekend love Loop Experience

We all know that guy: the jack-of-all-trades with a thousand and one things to do, and kids who never fail to kick up a fuss and then make everybody laugh, in the same afternoon.

To help manage the sounds – and protect his hearing while jamming on the weekend – Loop Experience earplugs are the ideal solution. They provide 18 dB of coverage while maintaining what audio geeks call ‘flat attenuation,’ meaning sound quality never suffers.

Gift a pair of Loops Gift a pair of Loops

Crafty DIY masterminds who need a good night’s sleep love Loop Quiet

They’re the unsung superheroes: the power tool-wielders. The tinkerers. The engine fixers. The scrapbookers. And there’s a good chance they like a good night’s sleep after saving the day (yet again).

Loop Quiet earplugs provide serious decibel coverage (up to 27 dB!), and they’re great for focusing and getting in the zone. They’re made of soft-touch silicone, meaning they’re also especially comfortable and great for a good night’s sleep.

Gift some peace & Quiet

Commuters with big jobs and even bigger holiday parties love Loop Engage

Every family’s got a high-powered commuter who’s always on the go. She’s probably also the life of the party – when she’s not doing some serious inbox damage control. Maybe she (like millions of people) has noise sensitivity, too.

That’s a no-brainer: Loop Engage earplugs are the way to go for any Type A all-star. They’re specifically designed with conversation in mind. So you can chat and connect without the echoey head-underwater feeling most earplugs create. They also provide 16 dB of certified sound protection.

The trickiest ones to shop for? They love Loop earplugs

This season, every 4th set of Loops is free. Why not gift them? Or add to your own collection. Because practical people love Loops. Artists love them, too. Cousins, friends and colleagues. People with noise sensitivity and die-hard motorcyclists. And everyone in between.

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