What is noise cancellation?

Life is loud. From heavy traffic on the street outside to a snoring partner, and from construction works to the sound of other people on your commute, sometimes the noise all around you can be overwhelming – and not to mention, loud noises can put you at risk of hearing damage.

Sometimes, you need some noise cancellation. This is technology that’s designed to reduce unwanted sounds, usually using active technology in headphones or noise canceling earplugs. This technology can be used in a variety of different environments, like offices (useful if you need to tune out background noise and find your focus) and urban environments like your commute, helping you to feel calmer and more comfortable. And of course, if you’re in a loud environment, noise canceling earplugs or headphones can help to protect your hearing.

What are the benefits of noise cancellation?

Noise canceling devices are a great tool in various contexts. They can create a more serene environment by reducing external noise – and this can help to reduce distractions, helping you to better focus on tasks at hand for improved efficiency and reduced stress levels. If you’re a frequent traveler, you may also have been dreaming about tuning out some of the noises that go hand-in-hand with travel, from the sound of the plane taking off, to the constant announcements over the intercom. Earplugs for travel can provide that much-needed relief. 

Noise canceling earplugs for sleeping are commonly used. Whether you live beside a noisy street, have a partner that snores, or have noisy neighbors upstairs, noise canceling earplugs block out the noise and help you to drop off at night – and stay asleep for longer.

They’re also frequently used by people who struggle with noise sensitivity, overstimulation, ADHD or autism. Noise canceling for autism, overstimulation, or any other sensory sensitivities can provide relief by taking the edge off noisy environments and helping to regulate your emotions.

And if you’re in a noisy environment, noise canceling earplugs can help to reduce noise to a safer level, keeping your ears safe.

Earplugs for noise canceling

Loop Earplugs don’t have active noise canceling properties – but they do offer excellent sound reduction, to reduce noise levels and help to protect your ears. 

When choosing earplugs, it’s important to consider whether you need them to fully block out noise, or simply need to reduce it. In many instances, if you just want to take the edge off background noises, or want to reduce the noise levels for concerts and events, then noise reducing earplugs are a great choice.

In other circumstances, you will want to use noise canceling technology.

Whatever you choose, you should think about:

  • Your budget (earplugs with noise canceling technology will be more expensive, and noise reducing earplugs are more affordable)
  • Comfort: Look for earplugs with soft silicone ear tips that are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • Intended usage: Will you be using them in seriously loud situations like on construction sites? Do you need to sleep in them? Will you be using them for everyday travel and commuting? These scenarios might help you to decide whether you need noise canceling or noise reducing technology.

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