Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs For Noise Sensitivity

Noise sensitivity can cause serious distress and social anxiety. For many people, this means they are forced to wear earmuffs in public or use foam ear plugs that can be isolating and which could fall out easily. If you are triggered by noise, Loop Experience (Pro) noise cancelling ear plugs can help. 

How to Deal with Noise Sensitivity

Noise sensitivity is a common cause of anxiety, panic attacks and distress. It is when sounds like jingling coins, car engines, vacuum cleaners or people chewing, sound much louder than they should. There are several ways to deal with noise sensitivity, including cognitive behavioural therapy and sound therapy. 

Many people also find it useful to wear noise cancelling earplugs like Loop Experience (Pro). Our earplugs for noise sensitivity help to reduce the intensity of these sounds, meaning you can live your life without being overwhelmed by noise. 

How to Deal with Misophonia

Misophonia is a condition where certain noises that other people make, such as chewing, cause intense feelings of disgust or anger. Misophonia is often treated with cognitive behavioural therapy, but earplugs for noise can also help with hypersensitivity to sound. Loop Experience (Pro) ear plugs can reduce your exposure to these unpleasant sounds, while still allowing you to enjoy experiences such as eating with others. 

How to Cope with Noise Anxiety

Noise anxiety, also known as phonophobia, is when people are triggered by loud noises. If you have noise anxiety, loud sounds such as car engines, passing trains, unexpected bursts of laughter and other noises can cause feelings of panic and fear. There are many different coping mechanisms for noise anxiety including cognitive behavioural therapy. 

If you are triggered by noise, noise cancelling earplugs such as the Loop Experience (Pro) can bring down the noise levels of the world around you by up to 20 decibels (or 27 dB when you use the free ‘mute’ add on). 

Best Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs When Triggered by Noise

If you have sensitivity to loud noise caused by autism, misophonia, hyperacusis, tinnitus or another condition, Loop Experience (Pro) ear plugs for noise sensitivity can be a real game changer. 

Our earplugs for noise reduction can significantly reduce noise levels you are exposed to from the world around you. Importantly, they still provide clear sound - which means you can participate in conversations, hear important announcements and be aware of things like fire alarms or sirens. 

And unlike earmuffs, which can be embarrassing to wear, or foam ear plugs that may fall out, our 100% silicone noise cancelling ear plugs are comfortable, discreet, sit securely in your ear and are easy to clean. 

For the best noise cancelling ear plugs, check out the Loop Experience (Pro) today.
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