Top 9 Brilliant Misophonia Podcasts To Listen To

If you suffer from misophonia, or know someone who does, you may want to find out more about this disorder causing intense reactions to certain sounds. There’s plenty of common myths around what misophonia is exactly, so it helps to inform ourselves. You can use those sensitive ears to do just that, by listening to podcasts about this complex condition!

Here are some great podcasts to take a listen to if you want to arm yourself with knowledge:

Find out more about what misophonia is with The Misophonia Podcast

The name says it all, right? This podcast in its fifth season is hosted by misophone Adeel Ahmad, who talks to other misophonia sufferers about what misophonia is exactly, and how it affects their lives. 

Talk misophonia triggers & treatments with The Tinnitus Doctor

This podcast covers a range of issues with hearing and audio sensitivity. The Tinnitus Doctor helps define and discuss sound sensitivity disorders like misophonia and hyperacusis as well as tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss. They also talk about misophonia triggers and treatments.

Tips on how to treat misophonia with Hear In Control

The host of Hear In Control, Ben Coffey suffers from misophonia. In this podcast he provides tips for fellow misophones about what causes and how to treat misophonia and talks to guests.

Explore what causes misophonia with Twenty Thousand Hertz

This podcast uncovers the world of sounds both strange and familiar. The Misophonia episode is about why those who suffer from misophonia respond the way they do to certain sounds, featuring both experts and misophones.

The link between misophonia & anxiety with Anxiety Bites

The Mysterious Misophonia episode of this podcast on all things anxiety explores the link between misophonia and anxiety, with contributions from clinical psychologist and professor Dr. Zachary Rosenthal.

Misophonia & ADHD, autism, sound sensitivity with All Things Sensory

All Things Sensory answers questions that parents, families and those who work with children with sensory processing disorder, autism, sound sensitivity and ADHD can implement into daily life. In episode #197 on the connection between misophonia and SPD, the hosts Rachel and Jessica interviewed the director of the International Misophonia Research Network, who suffers from misophonia herself. 

The definition of misophonia with Think Unbroken with Michael

The Think Unbroken podcast is hosted by Michael Unbroken who is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for survivors of child abuse. In episode 228: Misophonia Does The Sound Of Others Chewing Fill You With Rage? Michaell talks to a leading expert on the definition of misophonia and realizes halfway through the episode that he might actually suffer from the disorder.

Answer the question, do I have misophonia? with Sci Guys

OK, so Sci Guys is actually a YouTube channel on the science of pretty much everything, but this episode on misophonia is for those who wonder, do I have misophonia? You’re not alone, say the sci guys: you might even have a medical condition!

Misophonia and music with Misofonie (Dutch)

This one-episode podcast in Dutch by Kim Achtergaele with music with Jennisan explores the phenomenon of misophonia and the intense reactions it can cause to subtle everyday sounds

If you’re an individual who lives with misophonia it might be worth looking through some of our range of earplugs, including Loop Quiet, Loop Experience & Loop Experience Pro

We hope that these podcasts help you discover what causes misophonia and discover some things to help you treat your sound sensitivity, from earplugs to soothing music. Knowledge is power!

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