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Earplugs for Live Music

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Earplugs for concerts

87,649 people held their breath.

The lights were low. The tension of anticipation lingered in the air. Every single person was held in suspense. So many people in one place, but it was so quiet. The guitarist struck the first chord. The bass’s groans reverberated throughout the arena. The lights flashed. And the frontman began to sing. You just can’t beat a concert. The excitement of seeing your favorite artist. The bliss of hearing music you just love. The  mind-blowing power of music to bring so many of us together from all walks of life. It’s a beautiful thing.

But being at around 100dB, a concert can pose a problem for your hearing.

Your ears are more fragile than you think

They have little hair follicles within them that turn soundwaves into electrical signals for your brain. When you’re exposed to loud noises from 70dB for a long time, these hairs can be damaged along with
surrounding arteries.

And they can’t come back from that.

What happens then? Well, as
a result 1.1 billion of us have a higher risk of hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization.

So what can we do? How do we protect our hearing at a concert?

Here’s why you can rest easy

The good news is that the right earplugs will do the trick.

But what are the best earplugs for gigs? If you don't use the right ones, they can just muffle the sound and take away some of the joy from your concert experience. Plus, they can be uncomfortable and make you feel a little self-conscious.

We don’t want that, do we?

So that’s why we designed Loop Experience high-quality earplugs for concerts.

So you can comfortably listen to music without losing any sound quality.

Loop Experience Earplugs

Sound good

The acoustic resonator inside of Loop Experience earplugs mimics how your ears work. This keeps the sound natural so the music stays clear. The attached filter reduces sound levels by 18dB (or 23dB when you use Loop Mute) keeping it all at a safer volume. You can rest assured that you’re wearing the right ear protection for gigs. 

Look good

Loop earplugs are designed with style and fit discreetly in your ear. Choose from a range of colors and wear them with confidence.

Feel good

They use memory foam and silicone tips, making them the most comfortable earplugs for concerts. They’ll stay put too – whether you’re dancing or headbanging.

  • “Listening to loud bands in small venues is now possible. I wish I had them when I went to see The Stranglers!”

    - Melanie W.

  • “Really comfortable and great at lowering volume without muffling music.”

    - Charlie H.

Crystal-clear concerts

Take them with you to your next gig and experience it for yourself. They reduce noise – but you won’t miss a thing.

100 days free return

You’ll love them – but you can easily give them back if you’re not a fan.

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