5 tips to brighten up your January

The holidays are over. Your money is spent. Winter is still in full effect, with sunlight making cameo appearances. As one of the year's darkest months, January needs a kick-start.   

So, what better way to offset all the gloominess? Add some sparkle back to your days, mood and overall vibe. Make small steps to treat yourself and show the world what you're made of. Read on to get inspired on ways to feel good in January. 

Wellness tips for the new year

Sky high well-being ambitions  

As the expression goes, "health is wealth." Take the time out of your day to center yourself by meditating. You can also wind down and write your thoughts, goals, and things you're grateful for. Remember to take a minute to say positive affirmations to yourself, and you can also write down your own. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to hunker down and implement wellness tips daily.  

Spark your creativity  

The dull tones of the sky shouldn't get you down. Lighten up your mood by reading a new book in your favorite cozy spot at home or in a café. You can also pump up the tunes and blast a Spotify playlist to boost your creativity. Surrounding yourself with creative elements can ward off all those feelings of doom and gloom that go hand in hand with the gray weather. Try your hand at writing or arts and crafts to create your own colorful world.  

Stardust morning ritual Stardust morning ritual

Shine bright with a morning ritual

Kick off the day strong. For example, go out for a walk — even if it's dark. The fresh air will help you relax and start off your day on a positive note. Or, if you're not a fan of a morning walk, start your morning routine with something you love. Even if that's enjoying a cup of tea and enjoying the silence.

Plan out-of-this-world movie nights  

Cold weather means less time outdoors and more time cooped up indoors. Don't let that stop you from having a full-on cinema experience, just like when you were a kid. Get imaginative and build a fort with pillows and blankets to make your own dark spot, just like a real cinema. Since it's cold, skip the soda and go for something warm, like hot cocoa. Now all that's left is choosing the flick!  

Drift off into deep relaxation  

When the stress piles on as the month progresses, head to your local massage therapist to tune out the world. Focus on relaxing and being present—your body will lighten up instantly. A little TLC goes a long way to reinvigorate yourself in January for a fresh start.   

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