Plug your ears.
Amplify your focus.

Ear plugs to reduce distracting noise.

Ear plugs to reduce distracting noise.

Get super productive

Loop Quiet helps you:

Be 3x more productive  

Reduce distraction from noise 

Subtly say “please don’t disturb” 

Boost your focus

Loop Quiet

Ear plugs comfortably cut out distracting noise without breaking awareness of surroundings.

Made in ultrasoft, flexible silicone, Quiet fits all types of ears.

Find your focus

Reduce Noise

Triple your productivity: reduce the noice by 25dB

In Comfort

3 sizes ear tips in soft silicone included for ultimate comfort. 

Work & Study

Great for open office, coffee bars & working from home.

I'm more than happy with my Loop Quiet Earplugs for focus – perfect for working at home and they are really comfortable to wear! After a while you even forget you have them on and they don't fall out. Plus, they just look good!