Earplugs for studying

You’ve got a big deadline, but you just can’t focus. Your essay is due tomorrow but the flat upstairs has decided to have a party.

Or you’re cramming done before an exam – and there’s construction work going on outside your room.

Or perhaps you nip into your local coffee shop to grab a latte and prepare for your seminar, but the sound of chattering all around you drives you to distraction.

Background noise can drive you to distraction when you’re trying to focus – and it can be even worse if you’re sensitive to noise. But there is one easy way to take the edge off the noise and focus on the task at hand, distraction-free. We’re talking about earplugs for studying.

Benefits of using earplugs for studying

Whether you like to study at home, in cafes or on the bus, it’s likely that it’s never completely silent. Not even the library is safe, with other students whispering to each other, chairs scraping, and the noise of people walking around as they search for the book they need.

And background noise can have a real impact on concentration – which is worse for some people than others. It all comes down to how our brains work. When there’s background noise, some people can easily filter it out to focus on whatever they’re working on. But for others, background noise confuses the brain signals, which makes it difficult to know what they should focus on – which can lead to overstimulation and procrastination.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling anxious and restless while trying to study in a noisy environment, like a cafe, or in your bedroom while your flatmates are being loud, you may be sensitive to noise.

Background noise can cause you to be more easily distracted, and reduce your ability to concentrate. Even low-level noises, like the sound of your washing machine or traffic on the road outside, can be highly distracting for people with noise sensitivity, making studying seem like an impossible task.

That can lead you to be less productive, which can be stressful when you have deadlines looming – and you’re already stressed from being stuck in a noisy environment. It feels like a vicious cycle.

Wearing earplugs to study can take the edge off, to create a quieter, calmer environment. That means that you’re less likely to be distracted, and more likely to stay focused – leading to study success.

Why Loop are the best earplugs for studying

The best earplugs for studying offer comfort and noise reduction. Enter Loop Quiet earplugs. They offer up to 24 decibels (SNR)/14 decibels (NRR) of noise reduction to remove distractions and boost your productivity. 

And because we know you’ll be doing some mammoth study sessions (although hopefully no all-nighters), they’re designed for all-day comfort. They’re made from super-soft silicone and come with a choice of four ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for you.

Plus, they’re ideal for wearing to sleep as well – so no matter whether you have loud flatmates, noisy neighbours, or live on a busy street, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of studying.

Loop Quiet earplugs are lightweight and easy to carry (they even come with a handy Carry Case) so you can stash them in your pocket or bag, ready to whip out wherever you’re studying, from coffee shops to your train commute. And you can keep your Loops close with the tug-resistant Loop Link connector cords so your earplugs are always within reach.

Time to get your focus back

We’re here to help. 

We’ve been on a mission… to invent the best earplugs for studying you can find.  

They’re here. And they’re something special. 

The Loop Experience Plus range. 

Here's what you get:

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Big noise reduction

These earplugs are designed to reduce noise by up to 23 decibels evenly across mid, low and high frequencies. With a cleverly designed acoustic channel, membrane and filter they equal huge noise reduction making them the best earplugs for concentration.


They provide maximum comfort. They fit snugly into all types of ears and are designed to stay put, meaning you won’t have to keep putting them back in while you study.


Stay stylish while studying with earplugs. The Loop Experience Pro range comes in multiple unique colors for you to choose from. And they come in a handy little case, so you can pop them in your desk drawer or bag for wherever and whenever you need them.

  • I bought these because I’m autistic and I struggle to concentrate with a lot of noise around me. When I need to concentrate on studying I find too much noise distracts me and impacts on my mood and productivity. These are great to block out unwelcome noise and increase my concentration.

    - Sarah W.
  • I recently bought these as I get overstimulated easily at school. They’re great for making the noisy classroom quieter and helps me focus a LOT more without the distraction of people's voices constantly banging in my ears.   The mute inserts are very good for when I need a bit of extra quiet as they’re easy to put in. Overall I absolutely love them and 100% recommend! 

    - Iris P.
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Study at your volume

Now you’ve discovered the best earplugs for studying, you’re on track to get your focus back. Which means you’ll be more productive and smashing those deadlines in no time. Sounding like exactly what you need? 

Order yours now

100 days free return

Give them a try on your next study session. With 100 days free return, you can always give them back. No strings attached. And no hard feelings.

Frequently asked questions

Is it good to use earplugs while studying?

If you find it hard to focus when there’s noise, earplugs can be a great way to reduce background noise and increase your focus.

Will earplugs help me focus on my work?

If you’re easily distracted by background noise, earplugs can improve your concentration. By reducing the volume, you’ll be less distracted and more likely to stay focused.

How can a quiet study environment improve focus and productivity?

A quiet environment allows your brain to focus on the task at hand. You’ll also be able to process information more effectively – leading to better retention and recall, which will be handy during exam time!

What are the benefits of using earplugs for studying?

As well as reducing background noise, using earplugs while studying can reduce stress levels so you’ll be calmer in your study sessions.

How do earplugs minimise background noise distractions?

Earplugs like Loop Quiet reduce noise by up to 24 decibels (SNR)/14 decibels (NRR). That means you’ll barely hear background noise, so you’ll be less distracted and more focused on your studies.

Can earplugs enhance concentration and focus while studying?

Earplugs can reduce the volume of background noise to create a quieter environment. That means you’ll be better able to concentrate on your studies – and with fewer distractions, you’ll stay more focused.

Do earplugs improve information retention and learning efficiency?

Many people focus better in quiet environments, because their brain doesn’t have lots of distractions. That means you’re better able to focus on the task at hand, improving your comprehension, as well as information retention and recall.

How can I create a better study environment by using earplugs?

If you need peace and quiet to study, earplugs will help to reduce noise distractions. And they’re even better when paired with other study aids, like the Pomodoro technique and study schedules.

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