Stylish festival earplugs

Glastonbury. Reading and Leeds. Download. Whatever type of music you’re into, there’s a festival for everyone.

And no matter what the music is, you’re sure to have the time of your life. You’ll listen to your favourite artists – and maybe discover some brand new ones that you love. You’ll dance for hours on end. You’ll share special moments with your best friends.

But there’s something else, too. No matter the festival, there’s a high chance you’ll leave with ringing ears.

Because it’s not just the music that’s loud at festivals. It’s also the laughing, cheering, chattering and singing of the crowd. It’s the fireworks at night. Organised DJ sets and impromptu late night singalongs.

Unfortunately, exposure to loud noise for a prolonged period of time can come at a cost. We’re talking about tinnitus, that annoying ringing in your ears. It often goes hand-in-hand with noise-induced hearing loss, which you run the risk of when exposed to loud noises.

And it doesn’t get much louder than music festivals. The average festival is around 97 decibels – and at that level it can take just 30 minutes before potential hearing damage kicks in. Ouch.

But don’t worry, we’ll let you into a little secret. There’s a way to keep your ears safe, without ruining any of the festival fun: festival earplugs.

Why wear earplugs for music festivals and raves?

Want to enjoy the full festival experience – without running the risk of hearing damage? Earplugs for festivals and raves are your new secret weapon.

Earplugs reduce the amount of sound that enters your ear canal, reducing both the volume and intensity of noise. That means that when you wear earplugs with appropriate noise reduction, they reduce noise to a safe level – so you can still make the most of festival life, but with less impact on your ears. You’ll enjoy your weekend even more, safe in the knowledge that ringing ears are a thing of the past.

Why Loop’s noise reduction earplugs for festivals are your best option

You go to music festivals to hear bands play. So you want to be able to hear every word sung and every note played – and it’s important that your earplugs aren’t a blocker to that. It’s important, then, to look for earplugs that keep the sound quality clear.

That’s exactly what Loop Experience earplugs offer, made for music lovers by music lovers. Traditional foam earplugs mute sound meaning music can sound muffle – not exactly what you want when at a festival or rave. But Loop Experience is different. These earplugs use a patented acoustic channel and mesh to filter sound waves, rather than blocking them out completely.

That means that the sound quality is kept crisp and clear – just at a lower volume. Loop Experience offers up to 18 decibels (SNR) and 7 decibels (NRR) of noise reduction, or you can choose the Loop Experience Plus to reduce the volume even more with a further 5 decibels of noise reduction with the Loop Mute accessory.

They come in a tiny Carry Case, your perfect festival companion. Simply pop them in your pocket or bum bag and you’re good to go. Plus, you can make your life even easier with the Loop Link connector cord. It keeps your earplugs safe around your neck, so they’re always within easy reach.

And if you think wearing earplugs at festivals will cramp your style, think again. Loop Experience earplugs come in a range of cool colours to match your look – plus they’re reusable, so you can wash and wear them again and again, at another festival or your next event.

Your festival kit

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Music festival earplugs – we’ve got your ears

We’ve all had unforgettable moments at festivals and raves. And we want that to continue for years to come.  

Our purpose is to prevent hearing damage that stops you from embracing those moments.  

So we designed Loop Experience earplugs for festivals, raves and other events. Other earplugs can be experience-killers by muffling and distorting sound. 

But the ones we’ve crafted aren’t like the others.

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We’ve made sure the earplugs don’t just sound good – they look good too.  

The attractive ring design comes in a variety of colors and fits neatly in your ears. The earplugs won’t stick out, and you’ll feel confident wearing them the whole time.


With memory foam and silicone ear tips, they’ll nestle snugly in your ears. The tips come in 4 different sizes too, so you can find the perfect fit.  

You can dance away as madly as you like – these little guys will stay put.

Sleep soundly 

Camping out at a festival? Sleep doesn’t always come easy. These festival earplugs will help create a quiet, tranquil environment for you to rest up and do it all over again the next day. 

  • “Tested these out at a Rammstein concert, they work excellently. Great sound fidelity and a really great fit.”

    - Elise F.
  • “I bought these to wear at a concert this past weekend and it was the best experience! I will never go to another concert without them again! It was a game changer.” 

    - Samantha M.
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Live life at your volume

Don’t let anything get in the way of all the exciting experiences festivals and raves can bring.  

Embrace those moments without a care in the world – your ears are in safe hands.

Order yours now

You have 100 days to return them – free

No hard feelings.

Festival Earplugs Unveiled: Your Burning Questions Answered

How effective are music festival earplugs at reducing noise levels?

Loop Experience earplugs offer up to 18 decibels of noise reduction (SNR) – but if you need even more protection, you can choose the Loop Experience Plus, for an added 5dB of noise reduction.

Will wearing earplugs affect the quality of the music or sound experience?

That all depends on the type of earplugs you choose. Traditional foam earplugs are designed to block out sound waves, meaning music can sound muffled. But Loop Experience are made for music lovers, filtering sound rather than blocking it out so you don’t miss a single beat.

Can I still have conversations at festivals with others while wearing earplugs?

Fear not, chatterboxes! Want to chat at festivals? Try the Loop Engage earplugs, designed so you can engage in conversations while protecting your ears and reducing the volume.

Can I dance and move around freely without the earplugs falling out?

Throwing your best shapes is all part of the festival experience – and you don’t need to miss out, just because you’re wearing earplugs. Loop earplugs come with a range of ear tip sizes to give you a perfectly snug fit – and for added peace of mind, you can use the Loop Link connector, so you never lose your Loops.

Can I still relish the bass and low-frequency elements of the music while wearing earplugs?

Our music festival earplugs are designed for a balanced listening experience, so you can reduce the volume while enjoying the bass.

Do earplugs affect the overall atmosphere or ambience of the festival or rave?

Absolutely not! We love festivals and we wanted to create a pair of earplugs that allow you to fully embrace the festival vibes, while protecting your hearing. So, with rave earplugs like Loop Experience, you can dive right in, safe in the knowledge that your ears are protected.

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