Earplugs for clubs

The bass is thumping. You’re swaying to the beat. Surrounded by friends – and friends you haven’t met yet. Clubbing really is the best.

There’s one downside of a night out at the club though. It’s that annoying ringing you hear in your ears when you head outside and the sound levels return to normal. That’s called tinnitus, and unfortunately, it’s one of the common side effects of exposure to loud noise, like you get at clubs and parties.

But there’s no need to hang up your dancing shoes just yet. You can still go out and live your best life, dancing the night away to your favourite tunes. All you need is a pair of clubbing earplugs.

The risks of prolonged exposure to loud music in nightclubs

Let’s face it, nightclubs are loud. From the music pumping through the sound system to the constant crowd chatter and people singing along, it’s a noisy environment to be in.

And while we love loud music, it can have a pretty detrimental impact on our hearing if we’re not careful.

In fact, nightclubs are commonly around 100 decibels – and at that level, it can take just 15 minutes for potential hearing damage to kick in when you don’t use protection.

That means you might leave the club with tinnitus that doesn’t go away, or you could be facing noise-induced hearing loss. And it’s not just about how long you’re exposed to loud music for, but also how close you are to the source of the sound. So if your favourite spot is right in front of the speakers, you could be putting yourself at risk if you don’t use club earplugs.

And spare a thought for the people who work in clubs. That’s one noisy environment to be putting yourself in night after night. So, if you work in a nightclub, whether behind the bar or the DJ booth, earplugs for working in clubs could save your ears.

Why Loop Earplugs for clubbing are your best option

Traditional foam earplugs block out noise – but where’s the fun in that when you’re at a club? You want to be able to hear every note. That’s where Loop Experience earplugs come in. They’re made for music lovers by music lovers, using a patented acoustic channel and mesh to filter sound waves rather than blocking them. That means that the sound quality remains crystal clear – just at a lower volume.

They offer up to 18 decibels (SNR) and 7 dB (NNR) of noise reduction, or you can get an extra 5 dB of protection with Loop Experience Plus. That brings sound levels down to a safe volume, so you can dance the night away, safe in the knowledge that you’re looking after your ears.

And with a choice of colours to suit every style, you can match your Loops to your look. They come with a choice of ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit – no matter how wild the shapes you’re throwing are. And they’re reusable so you can wear them again and again to parties, festivals, concerts, and other events.

You can develop tinnitus, or suffer from hearing loss later on down the line; a billion of us are at risk of this according to the World Health Organization. So, how do you protect your ears so you can keep clubbing and partying? 

Earplugs are a good way to protect them from long-term damage. But we don’t want to block out all sound. That wouldn’t be any fun. The best earplugs for parties and clubs are ones that don’t muffle sound.  

So we designed the Loop Experience. Noise reduction earplugs for clubs, parties and nights out where you can hear it all – but it’s just less loud.

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Clear & safe sound

The acoustic resonator in Loop Experience earplugs mimics the ear canal, ensuring natural sound that isn’t muffled. The filter lowers sound by 18dB (or by 23dB with the mute add-on), making it safer for your ears.


An attractive ring design and a variety of colors. They fit discreetly in your ear, so you can wear them with confidence. 


Loop Experience Pro earplugs come with memory foam and silicone ear tips for extra comfort.

  • “Perfect, ultra-efficient, lightweight, comfortable to wear! We forget them so they are discreet!”

    - Haumont J.
  • “I love my loop earplugs. I got both the experience and the quiet.”

    - Gariston K.
  • “They fit great, are comfortable and I could hear the music… It was quite refreshing to drive home from the shows without my ears ringing.”

    - Michael T.
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Live life at your volume

You shouldn’t have to hold yourself back from fully enjoying your life. Now you can go clubbing and partying for years to come – without worrying about hearing damage.  When it comes to your ears we’ve got you covered. 

We just can’t help with your dance moves. Sorry.

Get yours now

Free returns for 100 days

Try Loop Experience earplugs for yourself. Take them with you to your next night out, and see how they reduce volume without losing any of the experience.  

If they’re not a fit you can return them within 100 days – no worries. 

Frequently asked question

Can wearing earplugs prevent tinnitus or hearing damage from loud music in clubs?

Wearing club earplugs can significantly reduce the risk of tinnitus and hearing damage. Loop Experience earplugs offer up to 18 dB (SNR) of nose reduction, or an extra 5 dB with the Loop Experience Plus, to reduce the amount of noise reaching your ears.

Will wearing earplugs affect the quality of the music I hear in a club?

Clubbing is all about the music, so we want you to hear every note, beat and word. Traditional foam earplugs block out noise which can affect sound quality, but Loop Experience earplugs filter sound waves instead so you still get the full clubbing experience – just at a lower volume.

Can I still hear people talking when I wear earplugs in a club?

Because our earplugs don’t block out sound, you’ll still be able to have conversations. If you want to minimise the occlusion effect, which is when your own voice sounds louder when wearing earplugs, go for Loop Engage.

Are earplugs for clubbing comfortable to wear for long periods?

Our earplugs come with a choice of four different ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for you. Plus, the tips are made from super soft silicone ear tips so they feel comfortable all night long. 

Can I still enjoy the music in a club while wearing earplugs?

Our nightclub earplugs filter sound waves rather than block them out so you can still hear the music perfectly. That means you’ll have good tunes and good vibes all night long.

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