Earplugs for Motorcycle Riders

Earplugs for Motorcycle Riders

As a motorcycle rider I got issue with engine and wind noise so much. It hurt my ears so I decide to try this earplugs. They are so amazing. Noises are now so low that I barely hear it, but regular speech or horns is easily to hear. It so much more quiet then riding without it. I'll recommend to all motorcycle riders. Absolutely love it. - Mirja P. - Loop Experience Pro

Motorcycle ear plugs are designed to protect your hearing from damage when riding a motorcycle. They are a vital piece of equipment which can reduce your risk of hearing loss, while also allowing you to remain aware of what is going on around you. 

Why do you need motorcycle ear plugs?

Ear plugs for motorcycle riding reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to when out on the road. Riding at high speeds frequently exposes you to noise levels of 100 decibels or more because of the wind. This wind-noise is the primary cause of ear damage to motorcyclists, but it also has a negative effect on your energy levels, which can make your ride less comfortable. 

Ear plugs for motorcycle riders, like the Loop Experience Pro, reduce the level of noise you are exposed to, while allowing you to hear the crucial information you need when riding. 

Should you wear earplugs on a motorcycle?

Wearing motorcycle ear plugs is an effective way of reducing the noise levels that your ears are exposed to. With the Experience Pro motorcycle ear plugs from Loop, you can reduce the noise you hear by between 18 and 20 decibels (or more with the Loop Mute add-on). 

It is important to invest in ear plugs for motorcyclists that are specifically designed for riding a bike. Generic, all-purpose, ear plugs reduce the amount of noise you hear but also muffle the sounds. This means you may miss out on important information while riding at high speeds. 

The best ear plugs for motorcycle riding, like the Loop Experience Pro, sit flush in your ears which makes it easy to slide your helmet over them without them moving. This makes it comfortable to wear them on long journeys and means they won’t get knocked. 

How do you protect your ears when riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycle ear plugs are the most effective way of protecting your hearing when riding a bike. Motorcycle earplugs like the Loop Experience Pro reduce the noise you are exposed to by 20 decibels or more. This significantly reduces your risk of long-term hearing damage. 

Do ear plugs completely block sound?

No, ear plugs for motorcycle riders should not block out all sound. You will still want to be able to hear the traffic around you, as well as your intercom to listen to music, your co-rider, the GPS, or when speaking with your friends at the next red light. 

The best motorcycle ear plugs, such as the Loop Experience Pro, reduce the noise levels you are exposed to without reducing clarity of sound.