Let it move you: introducing the Kinetic seasonal collection

Here at Loop, we love creating forward-thinking earwear – but sometimes you need to look back to look forwards. That’s what we’ve done with our Kinetic collection, our latest seasonal collection. It’s a homage to the vibrant motion and saturated colors of late 90s design, reimagined for today’s fashion-forward consumers – and we think you’re going to fall in love with the playfulness and optimism of pre-Y2K all over again.

Our seasonal collections come around twice a year, and are trend-led designs that are available for one season only. To celebrate the launch of the Kinetic, join us on a deep dive into the creative minds that came up with the concept and campaign for our vibrant new collection.

Looking back to look forwards: the product design process

It’s been 30 years since the 90s – but they’re back in a big way. From comfy mom jeans to Beyoncé bringing back line dancing, and from cycling shorts to platform shoes, we’re embracing all the good things about the 90s with open arms. Everything feels fresh and exciting again – and we can leave behind all of the trends we’d rather forget about (hair mascara and tiny sunglasses, anyone?).

And our product designers know a good trend when they see one. The 90s look is all about being comfortable and stylish at the same time – and that’s exactly what stood out to our designers, as it’s also what Loop is all about.

They were also inspired by the net art movement, which started in the 90s, using the internet as its primary medium. It left behind traditional forms of artwork and moved into a new era of expression – exactly as fashion and music trends did in the 90s, too.

Our product designers for the Kinetic collection are Damien Laglera and Fan Wang. They also took inspiration from the rising popularity of dopamine dressing. Dopamine dressing means wearing clothes you love, that will boost your mood – and one of the best ways to get that pop of happiness is through wearing bright colors.

This is in line with the WGSN 2024 color palette forecast, which was full of mood-boosting colors. And our customers always have lots of brilliant suggestions for colors they’d love to see in our Loop collection – something which our designers have also used when coming up with this new seasonal collection. 

Back to the future: the creative campaign process

Once our product designers have decided on the look of any new collection, it’s time for our Studio team to come up with a creative concept. That means our creative Studio brains get together to think about how the campaign strategy will translate across various touchpoints and channels so our customers are taken for a journey through the Kinetic universe. Our creative dream team for the Kinetic collection is made up of Senior Designer Keith Hawkins and Brand Storyteller Derek Mitchell. They put their heads together to come up with a magical creative campaign for the collection.

Keith explains the thought process behind the creative campaign angle:

“We wanted the Kinetic earplugs to become that little daily catalyst of style and expression, reviving the more playful approach to style that we saw in the mid-90s. It was a pretty liberating time – the financially insane music videos, the dawn of CGI and the arrival of some of the most important fashion designers of our time. It was a radically optimistic moment to look back on, but yet it was also hopeful of the future, which ultimately became the two values we wanted to embrace the most in this project. That potential for true freedom, as a simple state of thought, became Kinetic. Once we landed on that, it felt like the right place, and the rest rolled out quite naturally.”

Derek agrees, saying: 

“It’s all about taking people back to this time when big, bold, oversaturated choices were being made in fashion and digital artwork.”

The creative team’s research took them far and wide to find inspiration for the perfect campaign. Early explorations spanned across Japanese electronics, fashion editorials, printed CD art, blobjects, Hype Williams music videos and more.

This extensive research helped the team to pinpoint what the look and feel of the campaign should be. As Keith explains:

“After diving deep enough you can start to zoom out and connect the dots of what the wider moment was about. And we felt art and design at the time pointed to the optimism for tomorrow. So we wanted to channel that through the contemporary lens of today.”

Our goal with the Kinetic collection, then? To blend nostalgia with today’s contemporary design through 90s-inspired artwork. Think collages that scream freedom and fun, vibrant photoshoots that speak to the boldness of the design and innovation of the earplugs, and styling that’s both playful and forward-thinking.

And that duality is one of the things we love so much about the Kinetic collection. Damien says:

“Combining new upcoming trends and playing with the nostalgia of the 90s aesthetic is for me the most exciting thing about this collection!”

Kinetic: let your earwear move you

The Kinetic Collection is our love letter to the optimism, bold colors and live-out-loud spirit of Y2K fashion – and our seasonal colors are available for the brand-new Experience 2, Quiet 2, Engage 2 and Switch earplugs (the first time Switch has been included in a seasonal collection), along with a Mute pack and the Link carry cord.

Each of these earplug styles comes in three exciting colors: Lemon Lime, Coral Crush and Bubble Blue, so you can create a look you love for wearing to festivals, nightclubs and parties, as well as elevating your everyday style for travel, commuting – or anywhere else where you need to reduce the noise or find your focus.

They’re the perfect earplugs for summer, as Derek says: “The colors are all about sunniness, optimism, movement, play and having fun. They make you think of bubblegum pop, Spice Girls and boy bands.” 

But we promise – even if pop isn’t your jam, you’ll still love the vibe of the bright and bold Kinetic collection. Damien agrees, saying “I can’t wait to see how creative our customers will be with matching these earplugs to their outfits.”

We’d love to see how you style your Kinetic earplugs this season. Show us your favorite looks on social media, whether you’re heading to a festival, hitting up summer parties, or simply adding a little 90s edge to your everyday aesthetic.

Our Kinetic earplugs

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Which products are included in this collection?

We’ve included more products than ever before for this seasonal collection. You’ll be able to choose from 15 different products: Switch (available in a seasonal palette for the first time), Quiet 2, Engage 2 and Experience 2, (all recently launched with improved comfort and a better fit), Engage 2 Plus and Experience 2 Plus (with black and white Mutes included), as well as a special colorful Mute pack, carry case and Link carry cord.

How long will they be available for?

Kinetic is a seasonal collection so they won’t be around forever. Don’t miss out – get yours before the festival season kicks off, so you can rock out in style all summer long.

Is this a two-part collection like Solstice / Equinox?

Yes, keep your eyes peeled for our Fall/Winter collection, inspired by related trends and stories. As Senior Product Designer Damien says: “The extra nice thing about the Kinetic collection is that it's only the beginning of the entire 2024 story!”

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