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How to get into Berlin clubs?

Berghain Berlin

Berlin is a city that has marked its name in the world as the coolest place for parties and downright crazy nightlife. With that being said, the gates of Berlin clubs also happen to be the most difficult hurdles to cross. So this begs the question: How to get into Berlin clubs?

When the bouncer says “Nein”, you just can’t argue with them. Maybe it wasn’t your lucky day, but if you argue with them, say hi to the blacklist. When they refuse you an entry, just walk away, and try another day.

However, Berlin clubs don’t have insanely strict door policies, and there are always some tricks that can get you to the inside of the clubs. With the experience of many rejections and many successful attempts, we came up with some useful tips.

Getting you inside Berlin nightclubs

Let’s run down these tips and tricks and see how many you’ll agree with. Read along…

1. Don’t Dress up, and we mean it

This is Berlin, not Paris. Your fancy brand labels and chic dresses won’t work here. Berlin is more about keeping it casual, and more importantly, keeping it real.

High heels and artificial nails are a strict no-no. Try once you’ll know why. But trust us when we say it, it’s not worth trying.

Dressing up Berlin

2. Early bird gets the prize

The doors of Berlin clubs open at midnight, and the queues are longest at 1 am, so be there when the clock strikes midnight. Nightclubs in Berlin are famous for starting the party at Saturday midnight till Sunday evening so another option will be to go late, as late as Sunday morning.

3. Keep quiet

If you must speak, it would be good to learn German beforehand. Even if you learn German translation for “I only speak a little German”, that may help (Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch).

Bouncers at the gate will talk to you in German, and when you say you don’t speak the language, they’ll refuse you the entry. And when you ask why, they may reply with, “Cause we said so”, in plain English.

4. Show respect

Don’t talk loudly or laugh unnecessarily. You’ve got to take the place seriously, at least till you don’t get inside. While you approach the door, keep a cool attitude, but don’t fake it.

Fakers are easy to spot. And don’t enter drunk as fuck. You don’t need to be sober as if going to a church, but too drunk people are not liked at all.

5. Keep your group small

Also, try to have a couple of female friends in the group. If it’s just a bunch of guys, your chances of getting in diminish by a great deal.

Bonus tip: if all else fails, dress up as Slipknot

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