Earplugs For Flying

Earplugs For Flying

The best earplugs I’ve ever had. They really have helped me sleep soundly but still have me wake up to my alarm. I've used them to travel too which has been easier with them. Oona H. - Loop Quiet

During air travel, you are exposed to a wide variety of irritating and uncomfortable noises that may prevent you from sleeping or relaxing. This is where ear plugs for flying help. Designed to block out the noises of air conditioning, engine sounds, screaming children and other distractions, airplane earplugs like Loop Quiet make air travel much more pleasurable. 

How to deal with loud noises during flights

If you have a fear of flying or are sensitive to on-board noise, there are several ways that you can tackle this issue. These include:

  • Noise cancelling headphones. You can use these to play music during the flight. The drawback of this technology is that it tends to be bulky - and if you no longer want to listen to music or run out of battery it is less effective. 
  • Ear plugs for air travel. Ear plugs like Loop Quiet reduce the noise levels you are exposed to. Our airplane earplugs don't run out of battery, and because they sit flush in your ear, they also allow you to sleep on your side, or wear headphones when listening to music. 
  • Sleeping pills. These are beneficial if you just want to sleep during the flight, but they do mean you may miss out on announcements and cannot enjoy inflight entertainment. 

What are the best earplugs for flying?

There are basically two kinds of ear plugs for plane flights. These are:

  • Generic foam plugs: Generic ear plugs for flying help to muffle the noises around you. While they reduce noise levels, they make it harder to hear announcements or on-board entertainment. Yes, they are cheap, but you can only use them once.  
  • Noise reducing ear plugs for air travel. Reusable ear plugs like Loop Quiet can reduce the noise levels you are exposed to by 27 decibels - while still allowing you to clearly hear sounds around you such as in-flight entertainment or important announcements from the flight deck. 

  • Do regular ear plugs help when flying?

    Regular foam ear plugs can certainly reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to when flying. However, because they muffle all sound, they may block out important information you need to hear - such as announcements from the crew. 

    Loop Quiet airplane earplugs cost a little more, but are significantly more comfortable and effective for reducing noise levels. At the same time, you can still clearly hear announcements or hold a conversation with your travel partner. 

    Do noise reducing ear plugs help on airplanes?

    Yes, the best ear plugs for airplane noise will reduce noise levels you are exposed to by up to 27 decibels. Ear plugs for flight travel like the Loop Quiet can reduce the intensity of noises like screaming children, air conditioning, engine sounds or other passengers’ inflight entertainment. 

    At the end of your flight, you can pop your airplane ear plugs in a small key chain carry case to make sure they don't get lost. Happy travels!