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The front row of life is for the confident.​

It's for the festival lovers. The do-or-diers.​
And you can spot them by the Loops in their ears.​

​Together we empower front-rowers. Take control of your health – ​
for today, and tomorrow.​

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The lifestyle choice​ of the future.​
The lifestyle choice​ of the future.​

✔️ Shifting the narrative around hearing protection.
✔️ Enhancing live music at festivals & beyond.
✔️ Giving you control over the sound, look & feel of your earplugs​.

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Loop’s got millions of festival-loving customers. Here’s what two of them have to say:​

Loop saved my ears

Awesome! I used to suffer from tinnitus (ringing ears) after a night out, clubbing or coming home from festivals. But not anymore, thanks to Loop.

- Sarah V.

Comfortable and effective

I wore my new Loops to a music festival, and they never became uncomfortable or fell out. The music was perfectly clear and never too loud.

- Mark G.

Loop Experience Earplugs are a festival must. Here’s why:​

Clear sound & speech

Loops achieve an almost flat attenuation. This means crystal-clear sound quality that can’t be beat.

Patented technology

Loop Experience Earplugs have an acoustic channel, reducing noise without muffling everything else. They're tested & approved in Germany and are CE-certified.​

18 dB of noise reduction

Loops stay in your ears. They don't cause pressure or soreness. And they'll stay in no matter how much you dance, sweat or lose yourself in the music.​