How does Loop work?

Most earplugs sound bad because they block sound. Loop does not block sound, but filters it. This way music and speech remain clear, just less loud.  How do we achieve natural sound? By focusing on 3 key factors:

1. Acoustic Resonance

Sound waves enter Loop via a small opening. They then travel through the hollow channel on the inside of Loop. This acoustic resonator has the same length as your ear canal and has a quarter wavelength resonance at 2700 Hz. By mimicking your ears function, sound remains natural.

2. Advanced Filter

At the end of this sound tube we placed an acoustic filter which lowers all frequencies equally. Each Loop goes through a thorough quality control before shipping.

3. Closing the ear canal

To seal your ear canal comfortably, we use ear tips. Because each ear is unique, the earplugs come with both memory foam, ranging from small to large that adjusts to your ear and soft silicone ear tips (4 different sizes: XS/S/M/L). Make sure to test all versions so you get a complete yet comfortable seal.

Why Loop?

When choosing earplugs, you should evaluate on sound, looks, comfort and price. Existing earplugs do not score well on all 4 points. Our goal was to make you smile and create the first earplug without compromises.