Kill wind Noise & Enjoy the ride

without damaging your ears

"I use my Loop Earplugs to photograph concerts and stay close to the action without worries, under the helmet to stay focused when riding my motorcycle."

Ruben F. - Verified Buyer

Improve the comfort of your ride

It only takes 15 minutes to permanently
damage your hearing while riding your bike.

Loop earplugs fit snuggly under your helmet and reduce wind and engine noise by 4X so you can ride longer and in comfort, while still being fully engaged with what's happening around you.

ride longer with
Loop earplugs

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Kill the wind noise

Listen to your music, equipment and engine, not wind noise.

You move, they stay put

Your helmet goes on and off, your Loop earplugs stay firmly in place.

Engineered to last

You wouldn't buy a foam bike now, would you?

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