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Small ears,
big world

Introducing Loop Engage Kids, earplugs for learning, playing and growing.

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Fewer distractions, more gold stars

Engage Kids earplugs help settle squirming Loopers, increasing their focus and concentration from home to school and adventures beyond.

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3 color combos that inspire confidence

Help them look and feel their best while managing big, overstimulating sounds. Choose from Watermelon Red, Berry Blue and Ocean Orange.

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Top of the class

The same innovative and award-winning tech used by millions, now for kids, too. Keep them calm, confident and engaged with up to 16 dB (SNR) of noise reduction.

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Safe and sound, wherever they roam

Each set of Engage Kids comes with our new-and-improved purple Carry Case, so they’re always safely within reach. Perfect for keychains and backpacks.

  • "Bought these for my 8-year-old daughter who struggles with noise sensitivity. She absolutely loves them and can wear them in school without bringing too much attention to herself, unlike those big clunky noise cancelling headphones. We bought her a second pair for at home, too."

    – Heidi L
  • "I bought these for my 9-year-old son. He’s highly intelligent but has a range of executive function and sensory issues that can make it hard to focus in the classroom. Since using these he has been able to focus through the day, no longer getting in trouble."

    – Emma C.
  • "I bought 2 pairs for my kids (9 and 11) and it has been life changing. They both have sensory processing issues, and they use them in school. My younger kid wears his all the time and has had far fewer meltdowns."

    – Kara H.
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