Musicians’ earplugs

Whether you’re practising at home, rehearsing in the studio or playing live, there’s one thing that all of these scenarios have in common: music is loud.

As a musician, you want your hearing to be top-notch for as long as possible. That means it’s sensible to protect your ears with earplugs for musicians, so you can continue doing what you love without any issues.

Benefits of musician earplugs

Prolonged exposure to loud noise has the potential to damage your hearing – if you don’t use protection. When you’re exposed to noises of 85 decibels or more, you could be putting your ears at risk.

And considering that the average concert is 97 decibels (and rock concerts average 104 decibels), if you play live music, you’re likely to be running the risk of hearing damage if you don’t use musician earplugs. But it’s not just something to think about when you’re playing live – practising music can be loud too.

Musicians of all levels should use hearing protection to reduce the overall volume and intensity of noise. As well as hearing loss, prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause tinnitus – an infuriating ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. 

You might have experienced it after leaving a noisy gig, but it’s gone away after a few hours. If you’re repeatedly exposed to loud noises though, tinnitus can end up being a permanent condition. And once you have permanent tinnitus, it doesn’t go away – not ideal when you’re a musician and need to be able to focus on the music. 

Exposure to loud noise can also lead to hyperacusis, a condition that causes extreme sensitivity to sound. It can make normal sounds seem uncomfortably loud and painful – again, something you don’t want to be dealing with as a musician. 

Although there are various causes of both tinnitus and hyperacusis, one of the most common is exposure to loud noises. Protecting your ears from this type of noise, then, is the best way to prevent both of these conditions.

Earplugs for Musicians

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Why Loop earplugs are your best choice as a musician

Traditional foam earplugs block out sounds, which can be great in some situations. But when you’re playing, you want to be able to hear yourself, your bandmates, and the crowd.

The best earplugs for musicians, then, simply reduce the noise, while keeping sound quality crystal clear. Loop Experience earplugs are specially designed for music lovers, using an acoustic channel and mesh to filter sound waves rather than blocking them. They offer up to 18 decibels (SNR) and 7 dB (NRR) of noise reduction, or you can add on some extra noise reduction with Loop Experience Plus – but the sound quality is still high.

They come with a choice of four ear tip sizes so you can get your perfect fit, and the ear tips are made from super soft silicone. That means they’re comfortable for all-day and all-night wear, and will stay in place, no matter how much you’re rocking out.

Protect your ears.

You can keep on doing what you love – and protect your ears too. 

We’ve invented the best earplugs for musicians and music makers. We know that as a musician, there are must-haves that you need your earplugs to offer. Earplugs that allow you to hear music just as clearly, but at a much lower decibel, and providing the best ear protection for musicians. 

The Loop Experience range. Here is what you get:

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Protection and sound quality

These earplugs for musicians are designed to reduce noise by 18 decibels. With a cleverly designed acoustic channel and mesh they equal huge noise reduction and allow you to hear everything crystal-clear, without dampening the sound.


Our earplugs provide maximum quality and comfort. They fit snugly into all types of ears and are designed to stay put, meaning you can move how you need to with no worry about them falling out mid-session.


The Loop Experience range comes in multiple unique colors for you to choose from. And they come in a handy little case, so you can pop them in whenever you need them.

  • Perfect for metal gigs! I’m a long time rock and metal live music fan. I had been dubious about earplugs at gigs as I didn’t want them to impact my experience. I gave these earplugs a go at a gig on Saturday and wow, I’m seriously impressed.  Less crowd noise and I could hear the music more clearly.   I’m a total convert.  

    - Hannah C.
  • I play in a samba band and my Loop ear plugs are a game changer. Comfortable to wear, restricts noise well and discreet. Oh and they look cool too!

    - Simone W.
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Make music at your volume

Now you’ve discovered the ultimate earplugs for musicians, you can focus on what matters most - making music without doing any harmful damage to your ears. Go to all the concerts, get back in the studio, get rehearsing for your next gig. Hit those drums when you like. Your ears are in good hands.

Order yours now

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Try them out at your next jamming session. With 100 days free return, you can always give them back. And no hard feelings. We’re chilled like that.

 Frequently asked questions

What level of noise reduction do earplugs for musicians provide?

Loop Experience earplugs offer up to 18 decibels (SNR) of noise reduction, or a further 5 decibels with the Loop Experience Plus.

Will wearing earplugs affect the quality and clarity of music?

The best earplugs for musicians keep the sound quality high, while reducing the noise. That means that the music won’t be muffled, and you’ll still be able to hear everything perfectly – it’ll just be at a lower volume.

Can I still hear my own instrument and other musicians while wearing earplugs?

Loop Experience earplugs don’t muffle sound waves. That keeps sound quality high, and it means you’ll still be able to hear your own instruments and others’ instruments.

Can earplugs protect against tinnitus and other hearing-related issues?

Tinnitus can often occur when you’re exposed to loud noises for a prolonged period of time, such as at concerts. Earplugs can help to protect you from noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Can I use earplugs in combination with in-ear monitors or headphones?

Many musicians use earplugs for hearing protection and in-ear monitors when they need personalised mixes, want to hear specific instruments or vocals more clearly, or need to synchronise with a click track. The choice is yours.

Can I use earplugs for other noisy activities, such as attending concerts or sporting events?

Loop Experience earplugs are reusable and rewearable, so you can use them whenever you find yourself in noisy environments like sporting events, concerts and nightclubs. Plus, they’re designed to look discrete and stylish with a choice of colours so you can match them to every look.

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