The story about Loop

Team behind Loop

Did you ever come home from a night out and heard that ringing sound in your ears? You’re not alone! According to the World Health Organization, one out of three young people risk hearing damage due to damaging levels of sound at nightclubs, festivals and concerts.

Earplugs are the best solution, but why don’t we wear them? We’ve heard many explanations: the sound quality is bad, they’re uncomfortable, earplugs look stupid and we totally agree! That’s why we took a different approach.

Prevent hearing loss by making earplugs amazing 

Our mission is to prevent hearing loss. To achieve this, we had to make earplugs amazing. By focusing only on music, we’ve created something unique. Loop is the first earplug that you want to wear! With your support Loop will become a success that every party-goer, festival enthusiast and concert freak will enjoy.

From concept to reality

Our story started with Maarten coming back from a party with a serious ringing in his ears a few years ago. This lasted several weeks and made him search for the best solution. After testing more than 25 different earplugs, it became clear to us that none fit all our criteria: sound, looks and comfort. 

Dimitri always partied with earplugs. Most likely because his mother works in hearing protection. He agreed with Maarten that a better earplug was needed. They came together and Loop was born. Their challenge: making an earplug for nightlife that you want to wear.

We started with a thorough market research at nightclubs, festivals and concerts. This showed that the sound, looks and comfort of earplugs desperately needed an upgrade. Together with the University of Delft, 3D-printers and product developers we created and tested more than 30 prototypes. Every iteration brought us closer to earplug Nirvana.

Together with the best partners in the industry, we’re proud to redefine what an earplug for music should sound, look and feel like. We’re now part of Start-it, the biggest startup incubator in Belgium. Our headquarters lie in Antwerp, the European capital of fashion and nightlife. With a motivated team of four, we’re working day and night to make sure you can protect your ears without looking like a dork! ;-)