Loop launches first Global Brand Campaign: "Shut Up Noise, Turn Up Sound"


Earwear is about to Evolve. Loop Earplugs is Leading The Category From Functional Earplugs to Fashionable Earwear. 

Loop is elevating earplugs to earwear and raising awareness around stylish and comfortable hearing protection with its first international brand campaign, launching the last week of October in the US and UK. Loop’s new campaign empowers festival goers, partiers, motorcycle riders, fitness class lovers, and anyone neurodivergent or sound sensitive to “shut up noise and turn up sound” with its noise reducing earwear. This launch includes a refresh of Loop’s 3 core products—Quiet, Engage, and Experience—and the debut of Switch, a 3-in-1 noise-reduction product. 

 “We’ve been grateful for tremendous growth since 2016, when we founded Loop to help people navigate our noisy world,” says Loop Co-Founder Dmitri O. “We’re proud of the lower funnel digital performance ads we’ve been doing so far, but this is our first big brand campaign,” adds Co-Founder Maarten Bodewes. “We’re especially excited to expand our awareness in the United States.”   

Loop designs noise reducing earplugs that have been certified as PPE in both the EU and US. Each product is designed for a specific purpose: Quiet is best for focus and sleep, Experience is designed for live music and noise sensitivity, and Engage is best for conversation and social settings. All three of Loop’s core products have been given a bold makeover, featuring fresh colors, new packaging, and a new form-fitting carrying case. Loop’s newest product, Switch, gives users the power to switch between 3 levels of noise reduction.  

The Loop collection stands out against the competition for its stylish, eye-catching designs and variety of colors and materials, making hearing protection fashionable, comfortable, and affordable. Beyond its big brand campaign, Loop continues to innovate in both form and function, with new products, limited edition colors, seasonal collections, and collaborations with influential creators on the horizon, all available on loopearplugs.com.  

“This campaign is about much more than launching Switch and our updates to Quiet, Experience, and Engage,” says Natalie Lefever, Global Head of Brand for Loop. “Sound shapes our lives, and we needed a category-leading brand positioning for Loop. We leaned into a clear insight about our consumer: so much of what we love is loud! Loop’s new campaign empowers people to choose how they hear the world, to confidently keep doing everything they love – whilst taking control of life’s volume.”

Loop recently awarded the strategy, creative, and media business to Brooklyn-based creative studio PDA (Public Display of Affection), after a pitch that included several international agencies. PDA developed the strategy in partnership with Ted Florea and his strategy consultancy, Ancient and collaborated with Bryght Young Things on film production and BrandVerge and NoLie Communications for media planning, buying, and management. 

The campaign includes Loop’s first ever OOH wild postings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and first digital OOH in New York City and London in hundreds of retail, transit, theaters, sports stadiums, hotels, office buildings, gyms, and other settings, along with digital media placements across the US and UK on Meta, Google, YouTube, and Connected TV. 

Loop is a Belgian DTC lifestyle brand that's helping you to 'live life at your volume'. It’s their mission to design innovative earwear and inspire everyone to live life fully. Think of it like wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes - Loop believes hearing protection should be just as stylish, and breaking the taboos that say it can't be. Belgian-born Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O founded the company in 2016, and it has been making waves ever since. The New York Times has named Loop ‘the best earplugs for concerts.’ The company has sold over 5 million earplugs around the world, with top sales in the US and customers in more than 150 other countries. Currently, Loop’s team comprises over 200 full-time employees, with a majority working in Antwerp and others at hubs in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai China.      

All of Loop’s products are tested extensively according to standard guidelines and practices. Loop earplugs are an officially certified form of hearing protection in line with European law covering personal hearing protection devices and personal protective equipment (PPE).    

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Brand campaign featuring Loop Engage

Brand Campaign featuring Loop Experience

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