Introducing Loop Engage: noise-reducing earplugs designed with conversation in mind


With 4 million units sold, Loop Earplugs has fostered a fiercely loyal and vocal community of users. And their feedback has helped shape the company’s newest set of earplugs, called Loop Engage. Designed with social settings and conversation in mind, Engage completes a trifecta of Loop products that ensure users are covered, no matter their circumstances. 

Users asked, and Loop listened 

Loop’s catalogue has always satisfied a diverse range of customer needs: hearing protection for concerts, festivals and nightlife, coverage while commuting and motorcycling, and sensory management for both people with noise sensitivity and parents, too.  

Until now, though, something called the ‘occlusion effect’ has sometimes been a sticking point. ‘Occlusion’ is the technical term for the head-underwater feeling most earplugs produce, where your own voice and other ‘body sounds’ seem to echo in your head. 

Loop Engage is the answer. The earplugs deliver significant noise reduction while freeing up noise-sensitive users to speak, listen and network without an overpowering occlusion effect, in the places where they need to be ‘on it’ most: in noisy social and interactive gatherings, or out and about and with the kids. During its testing stage, 90% of users felt the product was a logical next step for Loop. 

Game-changing tech 

Engage earplugs feature innovative technology that builds on the benefits of Loop’s revolutionary line of products. The company’s bestselling Experience earplugs already provide 18 dB of noise reduction in noisy settings where sound quality is key – like live musical performances. They achieve this through a square acoustic channel and a membrane that together mimic the inner ear itself. 

In comparison, Engage are designed to primarily facilitate social interactions in noisy environments. They feature a round channel capped with a newly designed mesh filter and no membrane, eliminating the occlusion effect. They cap up to 16 dB of excess noise, with an additional 5 dB possible if Loop Mutes are added to the Engage Plus. They’re also a perfect complement to Loop Quiet, which offer 27 dB of coverage and are intended for total focus and sleep. 

Emboldened & empowered 

Now every Loop user can filter the noise without compromising their voice. Like all Loop products, Engage earplugs are reusable, and they’re as clear as their sound – currently coming in four transparent colorways.

Loop Engage and Engage Plus are available for purchase 
from USD 34,95 / EUR 29,95 at


Loop is a Belgian company that’s redefined what earplugs sound, look and feel like. Antwerp-natives Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O founded the company in 2016. The New York Times has named Loops ‘the best earplugs for concerts,’ with 4 million earplugs sold around the world to date. With top sales in the US and customers in more than 150 other countries. Currently, Loop’s team comprises 150 full-time employees, with a majority working in Antwerp and others at hubs in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai, China. 

All of Loop’s products are tested extensively according to standard guidelines and practices. Loop earplugs are an officially certified form of hearing protection in line with European and American (ANSI) law covering personal hearing protection devices and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

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Loop Earplugs - PR Manager 
Sayrade Vandermeersch


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