Working at Loop: The good, the bad and the ugly

Here’s the thing: We all looove working at Loop. And yes, we can tend to brag about all of our glowing benefits (just a little bit). 

But of course, it’s not all rainbows, unicorns, and Friday sing-alongs – working at a scale-up has its upsides and its downsides. 

So let’s be refreshingly honest here – as we typically are – and give you the true insight into what it’s really like to work at Loop.


We have a work/life balance…really

When “scale-up culture” is mentioned, the first thing people usually bring up is the work/life balance. Or lack thereof, in some cases. 

It’s true that at Loop we do ask for a high level of dedication from each individual that you may not see at a big business or corporation. That’s why we are picky and only hire the best people who are suited to this culture. 

We need to meet busy deadlines. We have our OKRs (objectives and key results) and we all work towards them together, as if Loop is our own company. What does this mean? That you’ll have to work in the most effective and efficient way you can. 

But on the flip side, you plan and decide your own way of working. You choose when and where you work best – it’s totally up to you. We all work towards the same shared goals and there’s always a team manager you can turn to for a friendly helping hand if needed. 

Getting the job done (in a truly amazing way)

When you take a job with a typical corporation, you know the drill. 

You’re generally given time to train and get your head around the company’s systems and processes. You probably won’t feel the immediate pressure of your job for a few months, as you’re eased slowly into the swing of things. 

Why? Simply, bigger companies have more people to rely on. And this means one person’s performance won’t necessarily make or break the entire company. 

The same can’t be said for Loop – we need your ideas yesterday, please. But the positive side is that your work makes a direct impact. You’re in a position to see the blooming results of everything you do, unlike in a large company where there’s a real disconnect.

At Loop you have more freedom and change will happen much faster, bringing your motivation levels right up.

Keeping you on your toes

If you like predictability and working to a strict routine, then Loop is not the company for you. It’s better to be upfront about that. 

Unlike large corporations, we don’t have specific job descriptions that limit your abilities. At Loop, you have to adapt, moving fast from one set of duties to another as we grow and pivot. 

This often means mastering completely new job skills…and possibly failing at them for a while. Until you smash it, because you give it your all. 

And that's what's so great about it – you get to take on multiple positions and learn fresh new skills. Your time spent at Loop will teach you things two to five times faster than a corporate position.

Let’s face it, working at Loop isn’t for everyone, and one person’s pros could make another person run for the hills. But by evaluating what you actually want out of a company and envisioning your future, you can find the right fit for you. 

Have a look at our open positions and let us know if you want to join us!


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