Introducing: Ludovic’s Loop story

Loop is growing. Fast. 

In fact, every week we’re seeing new friendly faces entering our offices – which is always a pleasure. But last month, a very familiar face joined up as a fully fledged member of the Loop team: Ludovic. Or Ludo to his friends. 

We caught up with him to hear all about his story from a Loop intern to a full-time Looper.  Here’s his journey so far…

Plans, planes, and plucking up courage

“After graduation I decided to travel first, to discover exactly what I wanted to do. First stop? Guatemala. As much as it was beautiful, it also gave me time to think about my next steps. I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to work for a start-up, so I aimed for the sky and booked a plane to New York. 

I had no concrete plan, but I made up for that with a ton of energy and optimism. Sometimes you just have to pluck up the courage and go for it, right? And because of Covid I could only get a tourist visa, which gave me a hard deadline of three months. Nothing like a bit of pressure!

But luck was on my side when my brother’s friend invited me to a dinner party with a bunch of Belgian entrepreneurs in New York. And it was there that I met Maarten, one of the co-founders of Loop Earplugs. 

Fun fact: The restaurant was actually way too expensive for my student budget, but I styled it out.” 😉 

A foot firmly in the door

“Loop weren’t on the lookout for a junior person, but they gave me the amazing opportunity to prove myself with an internship at their HQ in Antwerp. 

Joran, the product manager, took me under his wing to kick things off as a business intelligence analyst. Basically my job consisted of visualizing the data that’s spread across all platforms. And I loved every second of it! 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. As it was a new position within the company, there was a lot of trial, error, and running into my own limits. I learned that working in a scale-up can be challenging and you have to bring your A-game, always.”

Next on the menu

“Sadly, my internship was coming to an end and I really wanted to stay with Loop. The culture, the colleagues, the challenging environment…it was exactly what I had been looking for. 

But I knew that Loop was only searching for experienced professionals. People who could bring their wealth of knowledge to the table. 

Luckily, Loop knows that an employee who is a great cultural fit is worth taking a chance on.

So once again, they gave me an exciting opportunity – but this time it was to be a concrete member of the Loop team. Now, I’m switching to be part of the growth team, which is an amazing opportunity for me. And one thing I’m sure of is that with Loop, it will never be boring.”

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Ludo as an official Looper! 

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