All ears to the future: Loop @ CES 2024

Ever dreamed of going on a work trip to Vegas? Picture this: slot machines, Elvis impersonations and bougie hotels. Well, hold on to your earplugs because this dream came true for Alice (Operations), Maarten (Founder), Joran (Product), Robrecht (Product) and Chris (Product). Just kidding– these Loopers were in Vegas for something a bit more important – CES 2024, the biggest consumer tech event of the year. Curious about their adventures? Let’s talk about it.

Exploring the tech-world for our secret new products

So, first things first: our current earwear range is innovative, but it's very much tech-free. So, why did we fly across the globe to attend a consumer technology event? Well, the secret's out (not that it was ever a well-kept one): we're on a mission to elevate our earwear and introduce active products to our lineup. It's a thrilling, uncharted territory for us that requires a lot of research and exploring. So, what better way to navigate these new horizons than by diving headfirst into the latest and greatest tech at CES?

Loopers in Vegas: Goals and Connections

Our Loopers had a couple of goals in mind when jetting off to Las Vegas.

Explore the industry benchmark

CES was like a huge tech playground where we went to check out the latest trends in the industry. We wanted to know what our competition was up to in the audio field, what kind of tech they were playing with, and most importantly, what kind of innovative products they were bringing to the market. CES was like our compass to help us navigate our next steps. Should we opt for readily available tech or venture into the unknown and develop everything from scratch?

Differentiate our products

But of course, we're curious cats by nature, not copycats. So, we're all about innovative solutions to noise problems, and we aim to do it in style. CES gave us a front-row seat to the hottest trends in the audio world, helping us figure out where our niche lies. As our specialty is hearing protection and filtering out unwanted sounds, our starting point is far from the audio world's usual suspects – such as hearing aids or music. After what we experienced at CES, we started thinking even bigger than we ever imagined.

Leveraging face-to-face connections

In today's world where we're all glued to our screens, meeting people face to face is still the best way to connect. Our trip to Las Vegas was more than just business cards and handshakes; it was about making connections that could shape the future of Loop. 

At CES, we had the opportunity to engage in conversations with fresh faces, companies and visionaries, who could potentially become our allies in achieving our ambitious goals. There's something extremely motivating about hearing an R&D leader share details about a groundbreaking piece of tech. These conversations were pivotal moments for us. Of course, our existing partners also played a big role on our trip. Expressing our appreciation and exchanging ideas in person added a personal touch to our already amazing relationships.  

Now, let's not sugarcoat it – organizing these meetings wasn't an easy task. It required a lot of groundwork, such as researching and reaching out to people long before we touched down in Las Vegas. Even after we arrived, we had to hustle amid the glitz and glamour of Vegas. With a packed schedule, our team had to stay on top of things by making frantic calls from taxis to ensure that we didn't miss out on important conversations with people who could make a significant difference. 

Navigating the future: Sustainability, AI and IoT

At CES, there were 4300 exhibitors and 135,000 visitors, making it a huge event with lots to see, hear, feel and experience. But amidst it all, we could recognize three key themes: sustainability, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. These themes were showcased through various products and innovations and gave us a glimpse into how they will shape and transform our lives. We have seen the future of our daily routines, with groundbreaking technologies such as smart fridges that can practically run the show (minus the cooking) and wearables promising a hands-free future. However, the question that arises is how to introduce these technologies without scaring people.

The post-CES confidence boost

It’s safe to say Joran, Maarten, Robrecht, Alice and Chris returned from CES inspired and full of confidence that our ambitious plans are not only possible but entirely feasible. With a wealth of insights gained, we're ready to accelerate our discovery and development projects. Brace yourselves; those active technology Loops might hit the scene sooner than you think. Sounds like something you want to work on? We’ve got some pretty exciting roles open for you to check out.   

So, was this trip all work and no play? Of course not! Living life to the fullest is in Loop's DNA, especially in Vegas. Beyond the exhibition grounds, we also checked out the amazing things the city had to offer. From incredible food to jaw-dropping shows in The Sphere, we got to see the best of what technology and entertainment have to offer. It was the perfect combination of getting your job done, inspiring each other, and enjoying the moment together.  

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