Your questions answered by Dr. Kathleen Wallace

You've sent us all of your questions on hearing and noise sensitivity.
We've bundled them all in an interview with Dr. Kathleen Wallace, a.k.a. @eardocoftiktok, a New York City based audiologist.

Watch the full interview below where she answers questions on how you can protect your ears, why your hearing sometimes sounds muffled after a concert and whether exercise can damage your hearing.

She also debunks some of the most common myths on hearing protection and tinnitus.
A must-watch to say the least!

Watch the full interview with Dr. Kathleen Wallace

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Here are all the timestamps. Or you can use the chapters in the video!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:12 - What is noise sensitivity
  • 00:45 - Effect on health & stress levels
  • 01:15 - Misophonia
  • 03:25 - Treatments for sensory issues
  • 05:03 - Risk of headphones
  • 07:04 - Earwax and hearing
  • 08:07 - On Q-tips
  • 09:03 - Do eartips push in the wax like Q-tips?
  • 09:48 - How to use earplugs safely
  • 10:24 - Best earplugs for concerts
  • 11:33 - Muffled sound after a concert
  • 14:00 - Your hearing bothering you?
  • 14:22 - Exercising and hearing damage
  • 15:54 - Weightlifting and hearing damage
  • 16:36 - Can earplugs help against tinnitus?
  • 18:52 - Do earplugs protect your hearing?
  • 20:48 - Custom earplugs more effective?
  • 22:21 - Choosing the right hearing protection
  • 23:25 - When is loud too loud?
  • 24:42 - How do I know my hearing is damaged?
  • 26:31 - Why do people wait so long to get a hearing test?

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