Sensory overload and kids during COVID - testimonial

COVID-19 has us all locked up inside, combining parenting, relation and work with little distraction. Sensory overload is a real issue for many amongst us, and today we’ll hear the testimonial of a noise sensitive parent.

A couple of months ago, we were notified of a TikTok-video from KC aka @DomesticBlisters. “more info about wearing earplugs with kiddos”, said the title. It had over a million views, 150’000 likes and over 18’000 shares.

Why? Because sensory overload is a common issue for parents of young children in times of COVID, yet there is a huge feeling of guilt and shame amongst young mothers. So we asked her to write a guestpost about sensory overwhelm with kids and how earplugs help her through that intensive last bit of the day.

Here she goes…

Children can be loud… real loud

Tell me if this scene feels familiar. You love your kids. You strive to always treat them with kindness and respect. But as you near the 5 o clock hour it gets harder and harder to be calm. You’ve been parenting all day and now you are trying to get dinner on the table. The kids are hungry, they are tired and most of all, they are LOUD.

Sensory overwhelm gets the best of you

Whether it’s the intensity of a baby crying, the grating of a toddler whining, or even the happy shrieks of playing children, the auditory input is constant. Add in the clanging of pots and pans, electronic toys, pets, the AC, your phone and suddenly its enough to make you want to curl up in a ball in the bathtub.

That’s not an option obviously, so what usually happens (at least to me) is yelling. Losing my cool and being harsh is typically my reaction to feeling overloaded by noise. Then I feel guilt for not being kind.

ADHD and Misophona related

Fight or flight response

Here is something you may need to hear: this doesn’t make you or me a bad parent. The feeling of auditory overwhelm is one of the most common challenges parents face. Having constant auditory input can trigger your fight or flight response and create feelings of anxiety and panic. Almost no one can be patient and kind under those circumstances. So we snap, we yell, we get impatient.

Earplugs for parenting

Feelings of panic and anxiety

By month 10 of the pandemic, this 5 o’clock feeling of anxiety and overwhelm was a daily occurrence for me. Unfortunately, all of the mommy blogs typically suggested taking a break from your kids as the best way to practice self-care when overwhelmed. To their credit, I do know it’s important to have times to focus just on myself without having to be on “parent duty,” but in the midst of a pandemic with a husband that has a demanding career, slinking away for a bubble bath or dinner with friends just isn’t an option.


Reduce the noise not the love

After complaining about the conundrum to my therapist, she asked me if I had heard of Loop earplugs. Her suggestion that perhaps I just needed to decrease the intensity of the auditory stimulation I was under was intriguing. Having seen Loop’s facebook ads with the tag line, “reduce the noise not the love” I decided to give them a try. And holy smokes am I glad I did.

High-fidelity earplugs are a game changer

When I say that Loop earplugs are a game-changer for me I am not under selling. I chose the Loop Experience ear plugs because while I wanted to dampen the intensity of the sounds I was hearing, I still wanted to still be able to hear my kids.

The first time I tried them during the dinner crunch the effect was immediate. Loop turned what used to feel like a cacophony of assaulting sound into individual sounds I could actually process without feeling overwhelmed. Ambient sounds faded away and everything was much less intense.

A calm mom is a kind mom

Best of all I could hear my kids clearly. That night, while cutting vegetables, watching the oven, and keeping an eye on the baby, my toddler asked the same question approximately one million times. And you know what? I answered every one in a calm and loving way.

I am so grateful to Loop for this product. I know now that a calm mom is a kind mom and I’m so glad to have a way of practicing self-care that I can do anytime.

Earplugs for noise sensitive parents

Big shoutout to KC! For sharing her experience with sensory overload, for helping break the taboo around sensory overwhelm and for being an awesome person. We strongly recomment you to follow her TikTok, she’s amazing. Thank you KC!

KC's TikTok

Loop Earplugs

KC is using our Loop Experience earplug. Loop Experience is a high fidelity earplug that reduces the noise by 18decibels (or up to 23 with the added mutes). By combining an acoustic channel and mesh, it reduces the noise without distorting it, making it perfectly possible to have a conversation and hear everything that’s going on, just a little less loud.

Every set of Loop Experience comes with 4 sets of ear tips in sizes XS, S, M and L and with a keychain carry case included. It’s available in rose gold, silver, gold and black and costs $24,95.

At the time while writing this blog, KC didn't have the chance yet to get to know our newest addition to the Loop family: the Loop Engage. Launched in October 2022, Loop Engage earplugs allow you to have conversations freely, offering up to 16dB noise reduction without compromising sound clarity.

Get to know the Loop Engage

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