Loop redefines how an earplug should perform — and look! 

Preventing hearing loss by making earplugs amazing

Loop Earplugs for Music, Concerts, Clubs and Muscians

(Antwerp, Belgium – March 13, 2018) Loop launches a new earplug for music that reduces decibels and looks fantastic. By combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound in eight hot colors, Loop lets wearers avoid hearing loss without looking like a dork.

According to the World Health Organization, one out of three young adults risk hearing damage due to loud music at concerts, events and clubs. Despite frequent awareness campaigns, only 15% wear earplugs. Loop takes on tinnitus by making earplugs amazing.

Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O, Loop’s founders, came home with ringing ears after a night of clubbing. In search of an answer, they tested more than 25 earplugs. None fit their criteria. “When going out, I want to enjoy the atmosphere,” says Maarten. “Most earplugs distorted the music, were uncomfortable—not to mention downright ugly. That’s why we started Loop.”

Round means great sound

Loop’s first priority was to improve the sound quality. Most earplugs sound bad because they block the ear. With Loop, sound waves enter via a small opening and pass through a hollow acoustic channel. It gives Loop its unique shape while making sure music and speech remain clear.

Earplugs only stop hearing loss if people use them. A good earplug must be comfortable, so design was critical. Loop’s efforts resulted in a high-fidelity earplug for music that is discreet, yet nothing like what is available in grandma’s drugstore. Loop is both elegant and effective and pairs great with outfits from jeans to a tuxedo.

Developed with acoustic experts

An acoustic filter inside Loop reduces the volume by 20 decibels. “It’s the perfect balance between protection and experience,” says Dimitri. Because each ear is unique, the earplugs come with both memory foam that adjusts to your ear and soft silicone ear tips in two sizes. The earplugs stay put while dancing at your favorite club or concert and are easy to insert and remove.

The startup worked with Dynamic Ear Company (NL), leader in hearing protection, to develop the acoustic channel and filter. To produce the compact hollow Loops, they turned to 3D printing and started a collaboration with 3Dsystems (US). For great comfort and fit, Loop partnered with Comply (US).

From Glorious Gold to Raving Red

Loop earplugs come in eight original colors: Glorious Gold, Funky Blue, Flirty Rose Gold, Midnight Black, Raving Red, Swinging Silver, Electric White and Brilliant Black. Each set includes four silicone ear tips, two foam ear tips and a leather carrying pouch. More fun, less tinnitus.

Loop earplugs are available now at loopearplugs.com or internationally through Amazon.com, for $29.95/€29,95 per pair.


Maarten Bodewes
Co-founder Loop | [email protected]

Dimitri O
Co-founder Loop | [email protected]


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Loop hearing protection dancing, Loop earplug gold, Loop earplugs silver, bouchons d'oreille, oordoppen, fashionable, hearing protection

Loop ear plugs for clubbing blue

Loop hearing protection for live events, silver

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Loop earplugs for clubbing gold

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High fidelity hearing protection

Loop earplugs for music red

Loop earplugs for musicians silver

Loop hearing protection gold

Loop earplugs for musicians red

Loop acoustic technology

About Loop

Loop is an earplug for music that reduces decibels and looks fantastic. Wearers avoid hearing loss at concerts, festivals, clubs and other live events. Available in 8 colors, Loop redefines what an earplug should sound, look and feel like.

Loop was founded in 2017 by Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O in Antwerp, Belgium. Maarten (32) has a background as business engineer and previously worked for Microsoft as hosting lead. Dimitri (32) is a civil engineer who started his career as marketeer and launched his first startup in 2013. Loop is part of the Start it @KBC incubator.

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