Introducing Loop Engage Kids, designed with small ears in mind

Parents asked and we listened. Because everyone wants the best for their kids –comfort, confidence and the freedom to do what they love. Whether it's playing with their friends, learning at school or simply being themselves. We envision a world where kids can grow, play and learn feeling fully supported. 

Enter: Loop Engage kids – colorful, comfy, kid-approved earplugs perfect for young Loopers over 6. We took the cutting-edge technology from our beloved Engage model and introduced bright color combos to complement one-of-a-kind personalities. Every kid grows at their own pace, so our ear tips start at XXS to ensure a perfect fit, even for the smallest ears.  

Now every member of the family can take control of their comfort, freedom and focus. 

Small Ears, Big World

The world is full of big sounds: from noisy classrooms to birthday parties, busy households to playgrounds – and everywhere in between. This can be a lot for small ears, especially for kids who experience noise sensitivity. And without a way to manage overwhelming everyday sounds comfortably, school and home life can become easily disrupted. Making it challenging for kids to learn, play and grow with confidence. 

Loopers from around the world told us hearing comfort for kids should be a top product priority. We heard from parents who noticed a night-and-day difference when kids had their own pair of earplugs to pop in when they needed to focus and stay engaged. At home, and especially at school. 

“I bought these for my 9-year-old son. He’s highly intelligent but has a range of executive function and sensory issues, making it hard to focus in the classroom. Since using Loop Earplugs, he has been able to focus throughout the day. His disruptive behavior had often been due to sensory overload, but now it’s clear that sound was the issue.”   

 Once we learned how much kids needed earplugs designed just for them, our product teams got to work brainstorming the perfect kid-friendly solution. Combining the magic of our Engage technology with a special acoustic channel and filter, Engage Kids offers up to 16 dB of noise reduction. Meaning your kids can keep calm and focused, and still go on the adventures they love – all at a lower volume.

Colorful, comfy and kid-approved

For Loop’s product designers, the task was clear: to create earplugs that reduce noise while supporting active lifestyles for children of all ages. We achieved just that by blending the familiar Loop design with bright, playful color combos.   

We carefully selected 3 transparent duotone options – Berry Blue, Watermelon Red and Ocean Orange – to boost kids’ confidence, unlock creativity and allow their unique personality to shine.  

Because every kid should feel in control of their personal comfort and the way they present themselves to the world. Big, clunky earplugs can get annoying, especially if worn for a long time in class or while running around the playground. So, Loop Engage Kids comes with ear tips in four sizes – XXS to M – to ensure a perfect fit for every young Looper. 

Confidence and calm from math class to recess

Childhood should be a time when kids are free to be themselves: playing, being silly and exploring the world around them. But let's face it, sometimes the world can be a loud and overwhelming place.  

No kid should have to struggle to concentrate in a noisy classroom or feel anxious about enjoying their favorite music at a crowded concert, or feel isolated from their friends because they’re overwhelmed by the sounds around them. With Loop Engage Kids, these challenges become manageable.  

And you know what parents love? Seeing their kids happy and carefree. Loop Engage Kids makes that happen by helping reduce anxiety and limiting sensory overload. Whether in loud restaurants, birthday parties or family get-togethers, parents can share special moments with their kids without stressing about comfort.  

For busy kids on the go

It’s no secret most kids have a knack for misplacing stuff.Good thingwe've got a solution for that, too. Introducing our new and improved Carry Case – it's colorful, easy to use and doubles as a keychain, meaning your kids can keep their Loops at the ready.

And for extra ease of use on the go, check out Loop Link – our super cool magnetic accessory that helps ensure they’ll never lose their Loops again. 

Loop Link can be worn like a necklace, so it's perfect for kids who are always on the move. No more worrying about misplaced earplugs.  

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