You asked. We listened. Introducing Engage and Experience 2

Key highlights:

  • We’ve brought out a version 2 of our much-loved Engage and Experience earplugs
  • The innovations in our new designs were driven by customer feedback, and we gave our community the chance to test our earplugs to ensure they meet their needs
  • The key changes are all about prioritizing comfort, while we’ve also made updates for even better sound quality with Engage 2

Our community is at the heart of what we do here at Loop. We’re always listening to our customers’ feedback – what they love about our earplugs, as well as what they don’t love so much. 

But we don’t just listen to their feedback: we actively incorporate it into everything we do. We take note of every comment, every review, and every piece of feedback we’re given by Loopers. And although they already loved the comfort and noise reduction offered by our Engage and Experience earplugs, we spotted an opportunity to make them even better.

Enter the Loop Lab

Our Loop Lab is a vibrant space within our loyalty program, Loop Circle, where our members have a direct say in the products we create.

When customers join our loyalty program, they have access to Loop Lab when they reach the Explorer level.

The Loop Lab is an ongoing feedback loop with our customers – one that actually comes full circle when developing and improving our products.

We've seen incredible engagement from our members through ideation surveys, discussions, and even art challenges (which you can see an example of in this picture) – all of which have been hugely important in our successes.

We wanted to take our commitment to customer collaboration to the next level. That's why we introduced Loop Lab 3.0 to our Visionary level in our loyalty program, an exclusive reward that  gives select members the opportunity to test our products before they hit the market.

And we're thrilled with the response so far! Our Visionary members have embraced this opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of our brand and products – something we have big plans to do even more of in the future. As our Customer Community Manager Jasmin Mirpuri says:

“I think Loop Lab has really elevated our loyalty program and brand by allowing us to listen better, capture valuable feedback, and truly understand the wants and needs of our community. Our members not only care deeply about our products but are eager to participate in co-creation. This is my personal goal at Loop – to create a brand that fans not only want to shop from but one where they feel heard and feel like they’re a part of something bigger and more meaningful.”

Leveling up your comfort

The Loop Lab and customer reviews have both played a key role, then, in developing Engage and Experience 2. 

“It’s always customer feedback that we start from.”

That’s what Senior Product Manager Joran Liessens said when we asked what the starting point is for the team when it comes to product development.

He went on to say: “We always strive for better. So, what do we need to solve?”

Looking at existing customer reviews and ratings, the team landed on one key thing that could make our earplugs work better for even more people: comfort. Engage and Experience 1 are both super comfortable, but we always want to ensure our earplugs work for the widest range of people possible.

And so, that’s what we did. We’ve updated both of our Engage and Experience earplugs to offer more comfort than ever before – with a perfect fit for a wider range of ears. Both Engage and Experience 2 have a smaller nozzle for improved comfort, and revamped sizing which means that the ear tips work for a broader range of ear sizes – even small ears. 

This isn’t a simple process. The development and design of our new Engage and Experience earplugs took over a year, with the project kicking off in March 2023. And while comfort is key, everyone is different – which was one of the key things we had to test, as Product Manager Sawsana Gourmat explained:

“One of the key challenges in designing the perfect earplugs is recognizing that everyone's ears are unique, not just in shape and size, but also in how they perceive sound. At Loop, we're committed to inclusivity in our design process. We involve a diverse group of individuals in our testing and insight gathering phases to ensure our products truly resonate with a wide audience and provide the best possible experience.”

So, let’s take a closer look at the innovations you’ll see – and hear – in the new versions, and how they work for a broader range of people.

Experience 2: Feel-good earplugs

Experience 2 offers improved comfort and even better sound quality – while still offering 17 decibels (SNR) and 12 decibels (NNR) of noise reduction.

Increased comfort comes in the form of a shorter nozzle, which makes Experience 2 easier to wear for long periods of time, or if you have smaller ears. Plus, it makes it even easier to switch between ear tip sizes.

As well as improved comfort, Experience 2 also offers even better sound quality. Traditional earplugs can alter the music by dampening certain frequencies more than others. This is something we’ve always been careful to avoid, and Experience 1 offers amazing sound quality – but we recognized an opportunity to enhance it even more.

Sawsana said:

“With Experience 2, we ensure that the sound our customers hear is crisper and more true to the original performance. We're excited for our customers to experience the difference!”

Quality Engineer Erik Heyvaert elaborated further to explain how Experience 2 has a new and improved acoustic channel that provides flat attenuation: 

“We always want to have the attenuation curve as flat as possible. Then you have low distortion, so the music really sounds like it is even when wearing earplugs, but less loud – and that’s where we really wanted to be, to have a natural-sounding earplug.”

With these changes, you’ll still be able to live life to the fullest – without worrying about your hearing. Whether you’re at concerts, sporting events or festivals, Experience 2 will reduce noise to a safer level, while keeping the sound quality crystal clear – and they’re more comfortable to wear than ever before.

Engage 2: Same benefits, better fit

When it comes to Engage 2, it’s all about comfort. If you find background noise overwhelming, or find it hard to engage in conversations in noisy environments, then Engage is the earplug for you. But we wanted to make it even more comfortable for Loopers – which is where our newly redesigned earplug shape comes in.

As Erik explained:

“We wanted to make the diameter smaller for both Experience and Engage. So basically you have less hard plastic in your ear and more soft silicone ear tip. That's really improved the comfort.”

And with 16 decibels (SNR) and 8 decibels (NNR) of filtered noise reduction, that means you can strike the perfect balance between peace and sociability – making conversation clearer when you need it, and reducing noise distractions when you don’t.

Discover new comfort levels

Our customers are at the core of what we do here at Loop – and we’ve taken your feedback on board when creating the new and improved Engage and Experience 2. That’s because at Loop, co-creation isn't just a buzzword; it's the very essence of who we are. And we're committed to continuing this journey of collaboration and innovation with our members – so, give them a try and let us know how much you love your new Loop earplugs.


What is the difference between the 1 and 2 versions?

Experience and Engage 2 are both made for improved comfort. Both earplugs have a redesigned nozzle that makes the earplugs more comfortable to wear, for longer – as well as making it easier to switch the ear tips. Plus, the Experience 2 has a new acoustic channel for flat attenuation – which means the sound quality is even better.

When do you use Experience 2?

Experience 2 is perfect for people who want to live life fully, while protecting their hearing. So if you love being in the crowd at festivals, concerts, sporting events or in other loud environments, Experience 2 will reduce the sound levels while offering crystal clear sound quality.

When do you use Engage 2?

If you have noise sensitivity or find it hard to follow conversations in loud environments, Engage 2 is the one for you. These earplugs take the edge off loud noises, helping you to feel more comfortable, while supporting more comfortable conversations in loud locations.

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