Elevate your comfort with Quiet 2

Loop’s award-winning product design is ever-evolving. We’re committed to designing innovative earwear that inspires people to live their life to the fullest. And now, we’re taking peace and quiet to new levels with the introduction of Quiet 2. 

Peace and quiet is hard to come by these days. Whether you’re trying to get a better night’s sleep, find your focus for work or study or go inwards during meditation, Quiet 2 will help you to unlock quiet when it matters most. They’re our best-selling earplugs, innovated.


What’s changed with Quiet 2?

We’ve made some updates to the design of our Quiet earplugs to allow for a better fit and improved comfort. 

First, we’ve switched the nozzle for a smaller, shorter one for extra comfort. So even when you’re wearing your earplugs for hours at a time, whether for a snooze or a mammoth study session, they’ll be even more comfortable than before.

The smaller nozzle also makes it easier to switch between ear tip sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for you. Plus, our ear tips have been redesigned to fit a wider range of sizes. With soft-touch silicone and a re-engineered shape, these earplugs offer the ultimate in comfort – even for sleeping.

The improved design also makes it easier to clean Quiet 2 thanks to the upgraded, closed ear tip. They’re easy to simply wipe clean, so you can continue wearing them day after day – and night after night.

As one Looper said: “Everything is easier: to wear, to insert, to take out, to change ear tips, to clean, to place in case, to take out of case.”

And, just like the previous version of Loop Quiet, these earplugs reduce noise levels, with up to 24 decibels (SNR) and 14 decibels (NRR) of noise reduction, so you can easily get into your own bubble whenever you need it.

Out with the old, in with the new

Loop Quiet are our best-selling earplugs – and these sound-muffling earplugs for sleep, study and focus are everything you loved about Loop Quiet, elevated.

We’ve got good news for those of you who found the XS earplugs with the Quiet 1 too big. We’ve re-engineered the ear tips to fit a wider range of ear sizes, with a choice of XS, S, M and L to fit every ear. The redesigned earplug shape also offers even more comfort, even when you’re wearing them to sleep. 

If you’re an OG Quiet wearer, that means you’ll only be able to use your earplugs with the existing silicone ear tips, while Quiet 2 will only be compatible with the new Quiet 2 ear tips.


What is the difference between Quiet 1 and Quiet 2?

We’ve redesigned Quiet 2 to make them even comfier, thanks to the smaller nozzle – which also ensures there’s less pressure in your ears for improved comfort, as well as making it easier to switch tips. The re-engineered ear tip sizes fit a wider range of ears – which is good news for small ears. Plus, we’ve changed the ear tip from being open to closed, meaning it’s easier than ever to clean.

What are the benefits of Quiet 2, compared to Quiet 1?

In a nutshell: Quiet 2 is more comfortable, with a better fit for a wider range of ears. They’re also easier to clean and it’s easier to switch ear tips.

I am happy with my Quiet 1 and want to refresh my ear tips. What can I buy?

Quiet 1 ear tips are still available to buy. And if you want to learn how to keep them clean in between refreshes, take a look at our how-to video.

Is Quiet 2 more comfortable to sleep in?

Yes. The redesigned ear tip with a smaller nozzle reduces the pressure on the inside of your ear – making them even more comfortable to sleep in.

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