Behind the scenes: Creating Solstice, Loop’s first Seasonal Collection

While many of us eagerly await the return of summer, Loop is bringing the heat early with their latest seasonal sensation – Loop Solstice Collection, a carefully curated series of eye-catching colors available for every set of Loop Earplugs. A concept inspired by endless days and nights full of light, music, focus and freedom, the newest color collection by Loop is backed by bold design and powerful protection.  

We thought we’d take a sneak peek inside the creative minds behind Loop’s first Seasonal Collection and let them give us the scoop on how their ideas and concepts for Solstice came to fruition. 

The inspiration behind Solstice

Every great idea starts with a spark, and the vision for Solstice started with a color palette. Loop Solstice Collection embodies the essence of summer with a vivid and vibrant color palette consisting of Violet Solstice, Cerise Sunset and Amber Sunrise that breathes new life and fresh energy into the existing Loop product lines. Derek Mitchell, Loop’s Lead Creative Copywriter, kicked things off by describing how the color palette helped spark the idea of the Solstice concept.   

“When it came to Solstice, Damien, our brilliant senior product designer, carefully curated the color selection based on this year's color trends. From there, we started thinking about 80s vibes and settled on a synthwave aesthetic.”  

We love the retro-inspired, electric, synth-heavy vibes going on in Solstice! 

Coming up with the theme of Solstice and Equinox

With such a unique and refreshing concept, we asked Derek to elaborate a bit more on how the idea of “Solstice” and “Equinox” became a driving force behind Loop’s seasonal campaign.   

“We were challenged to think about how to capture all the reasons customers use the products. Day and night, all year round, Loops have Loop Lovers covered. That led us to think about the concept of endless days and nights within solstices and equinoxes, meshed perfectly with the ever-present setting suns in synthwave artwork. That’s how the idea of a 2-part collection was born.”  

Bringing the Solstice concept to life

Genius is immediate, but creativity takes time. Like Loop's millions of users, the team of creatives behind the Solstice storytelling is incredibly diverse. So, from conception to fruition, we wanted to know how long it took Derek and the rest of the Loop creative team to come together and develop the concept of Solstice.  

“We worked on developing this concept over several months. There is an abundance of brilliant people within the in-house creative Agency and the company who had input and brought fresh ideas to the campaign concept.”

Transforming the Solstice from vision into reality

Here’s where we hand things over to Nina, Loop’s Art Director, to give us an overview of the process of transforming the mere idea of Solstice into a stunning visual identity.   

“The inspiration from 80s vibes and pop culture references such as Miami Vice helped us to capture the colors and styling of Solstice and Equinox perfectly.” 

“For the photoshoot, we translated this into the styling by keeping the backgrounds simple and neutral and incorporating the concept of Solstice using clothing and accessories that would visually catch the eye and stand out. We’re talking fun, going-out daytime wear, focusing on vibrant pops of colors, to represent the endless sunsets and summer vibes of Solstice.” 

“For our existing lines, we played around with a softer palette for Quiet, and then evolved into brighter, more expressive pops of color for Experience, with a middle ground for Engage, which stayed true to the spirit of what these products are about, while also honing in on the summer Solstice vibes.”  

Nina and the team did an incredible job translating the concept of the Solstice collection through fashion and styling. As a result, Marie Wynants captured the collection's bold vision in her stunning photographs. 

Coming up with names for the Solstice Collection

Back to Derek and the creative team! We were curious to know how they came up with the names for the series of colors within the collection, so Derek filled us in on the process behind the naming selection.  

“Naming is a super fun part of the storytelling we do in the agency! It's central to world creation and speaking to the customers who love Loops and have come to expect ambitious creativity from our brand.”  

“We tested lots of names before settling on our final selection. And it's a pretty secretive process... So, you’re getting an exclusive inside scoop here. But I CAN say that the inspiration for Solstice names was neon, pop art, 80s sights, sounds, colors and flavors!”

Picking a favorite from the Collection

Of course, we had to know Derek’s favorite color from the Solstice Collection.   

“It’s hard to choose just one... they’re all visually stunning! But my personal favorite is Violet Solstice.” 

Thanks to Derek and Nina for their insightful answers, which got us even more excited about the launch of the Solstice.  

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