From Z...Z...Z
to ZZZ.
Loop Quiet.

Your anytime earplug.

Your anytime earplug.

The last earplug you'll every buy

Your anytime earplug

- Reduce unusual noise like a
snoring partner or construction

- Fall asleep and stay asleep

- Stay comfortable while sleeping

think loop quiet

When your sleep routine gets interrupted

Designed to fit into your life, your pair of Loop Quiet’s are reusable and can be washed. Perfect for anytime use and ultimate comfort.  

Get your ZZZ’s

deep sleep

Reduce noise that disturbs your sleep.


Soft touch silicone design means you can sleep on both ears.


Ear tips designed to stay put all night.

I love my Loop! I sleep with earplugs and these are the most comfortable, best-fitting earplugs I've ever used, they stay in all night, and they do a great job blocking sound.

Daniel W.