The easy blueprint to focussing at work

The easy blueprint to focussing at work

Having trouble focussing at work for longer periods of time?

Focussing on work in these turbulent times can be challenging to say the least. The world is turned upside down and it seems that every day more and more distractions pop up. The following 4 steps will definitely help you focus better on work and for longer periods of time.

We’ve put together a simple and easy to remember plan of action which will help you get your work done efficiently with enhanced focus so you can go do stuff you enjoy.

Remove focus disturbing distractions

As the internet sensation and professor Jordan Peterson often says: “Clean your room”.

You can’t expect to produce qualitative work when your environment isn’t orderly. A messy room leads to a messy mind which leads to messy, scattered work. Tidy workspaces enable structure, and structure makes for a smoother workflow.

Put that phone in another room. Take your calls on Zoom and on the Whatsapp desktop app. Those notifications only pull your mind away from what really needs to happen.

Therefore, apps like News Feed Eradicator For Facebook and Site Blocker are fantastic tools to eliminate the distractions the screens you work on offer. Most importantly, learn what not to indulge in.

Work is easy, getting started is the hard part

Procrastination is the number one enemy when it comes to task completion.

The Instant Gratification Monkey, Tim Urban often writes about and even presented a viral TED Talk on, is ready for war each and every day. Very often you get into the zone quite fast and your to-do list gets ticked off rather fast.

The biggest hurdle for a lot of people to get into that zone is simply starting. Whenever you find yourself aware that you should be getting to work, give yourself 3 seconds to jump up and get cracking.

Don’t ponder! Because the Instant Gratification Monkey only grows stronger the more time passes after that point of realization.

Give our other blog article a read where we lay our 4 super easy steps to make focussing easier.

Bring structure to your work periods

There are certain techniques that have proven to work very well when it comes to bettering focus. The Pomodoro Technique is one of them. It’s as easy as this step plan of action:

  • Work for 25-30 minutes
  • Take a 5 minute break
  • Repeat 4x to complete the set
  • After each set take a longer break (20-30min)

That’s it. 25 minutes is sufficient to get a little work done while maintaining a high level of focus but it’s not too long that it feels overwhelming. The Be Focussed app provides a free and customizable timer for you to get the most out of your work time & enhance your concentration.

Add tools to make concentrating easier at work

Daily meditation is one of the most well documented habits that has proven to increase levels of focus and concentration as well as staying in “the zone” for longer periods of time.

Meditating for only 10 minutes in the morning over months will prepare your mind to find that sweet spot easier and stay in there longer.

Many of our testimonials have shown that combining the use of earplugs while meditating even furthers the quality of the experience.

The LOOP Experience – Make focussing at work easy

LOOP Experience ear plugs reduce noise by 20dB. Making it a fantastic tool to move unwanted sounds in the background. If 20dB isn’t enough there’s always the LOOP Quiet which reduce up to 25dB of volume. They quiet down your environment without disconnecting you from it.

The earplugs can be used to aid in daily meditation habits, reducing sound at a noisy workspace i.e. coffee shop, co-working space or home office.

All LOOP earplugs come with different sized ear plugs so you don’t need to worry if they’ll fit or not.

You can get yourself a pair at:

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