Focus better on work - 4 easy tips

Focus better on work - 4 easy tips

Lapses in focus can affect your work greatly. This is a list of factors at the heart of fragile concentration.

The skill of keeping yourself focussed on work is a skill that is becoming increasingly difficult with the world around us becoming increasingly noisy and turbulent.

Perhaps you suffer from a concentration inhibiting condition like ADHD or ADD or perhaps life simply throws stuff at you like:

  • Loud children
  • Having musicians as neighbors
  • Addictive social media platforms
  • COVID-19 related stress
  • Phone notifications
  • Anxiety/depression

It’s safe to say that putting that all aside and getting to focus on your work is something we all would want to be able to do more often and for longer. It’s often easier said than done though.

We compiled the 4 easiest things for you to do that have the biggest bang for your buck when it comes time to focus on work.

We have another article laying out an easy to follow blueprint when it comes to bringing structure to your work and focus.

1. Stay hydrated

There are plenty of studies that show losing focus is a clear side effect of being dehydrated. Dehydration symptoms like mood, fatigue, and headaches, in turn, can lead to lapses in focus.

Therefore, a 1% decrease in optimal hydration can lead to undesirable side effects. Have a bottle of water with you at all times and keep sipping throughout the day.

2. Construct your work environment to focus better

If you have the luxury of choosing your workspace you might want to consider switching it up. Instead of working from a co-working space where constructions always seem to be happening on the floor above, try working at a coffee shop or at home.

When this is not the case & you’re confined to an office with all kinds of noises and distractions, consider purchasing a quality pair of comfortable ear plugs to reduce the noise input you’re constantly receiving.

Constructing your work environment can also consist of understanding your relationship between noise and focus. Read our previous article on how to understand your personal relationship between noise and focus better.

3. Exercise

This is a no-brainer. Countless studies have shown regular exercise has profound results when it comes to the ability tofocuson a given task. Even as little as 15min of exercise improves concentration and memory!

The mood-regulating hormones such as endorphin and serotonin can help you focus on work longer and easier. Meaning, they are your greatest ally when present or your biggest nemesis when absent.

4. Focus on better rest

Finally, the quality of your sleep and rest is crucial whenever it comes to performance during the day. Getting some quality z’s is not easy as some might think.

If you live in a noisy city, close to an airport or are simply sensitive to environmental noises, as a result you probably wake up multiple times a night unknowingly.

These breaks in your sleep drastically impact the quality of your rest. Again, taking control of impeding factors can make the difference between waking up well-rested or tired.

Getting your hands on some comfortable ear plugs can again be the solution to the problem you didn’t realise existed.



Taking action to better focus shouldn’t be a difficult task. It can be as easy as drinking more water and controlling the quiet around you, for instance. Our priority is your focus so if you feel a pair of high-quality ear plugs might be the edge you need to own your day.

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