Loop Earplugs for Autism

Earplugs for Autism – Stop Noise Overload in its Tracks!

Autism is complex, but one experience shared by many autistic people is extra sensitivity to noise. Living in a noisy world, this can make life difficult. Sure, you can try and avoid busy times and keep away from crowds, but we all end up in noisy places sometimes, however hard we try. Anything that can make life a bit more bearable in these situations is worth its weight in gold.

Why Are Loop Earplugs Good for Individuals with Autism?

While you may have tried headphones or earplugs to manage your noise sensitivity in the past, not all earplugs are created equal, either in terms of effectiveness or comfort. You need something that blocks the sounds you do not want to hear but does not leave you isolated from the things you do need to hear, and you do not want to exchange the irritation of excessive noise for an uncomfortable experience in or on your ears. Finding the best earplugs for autism can be difficult, but there is a solution.

Hear what you want to hear

Loop earplugs are designed for comfortable long-term use and put you in control of what you want to hear. 

Loop Quiet reduce sound by up to 27dB, enough to make a huge difference when you feel you are bombarded by noise from all sides. They will not stop you hearing the important sounds you need to hear, and the handy ring attachments not only look great but make it easy to put them in and out whenever you want, even if you struggle with anything a bit fiddly!

Loop Experience and Loop Experience Pro let you have conversations with those around you and listen to music or a TV while turning down the background noise and the volume in general. What is more, what you do hear will be just as clear as if you were not wearing them – just a bit quieter! Loop earplugs filter and reduce the sound around you rather than just trying to block it all out – they are the volume control for the world some autistic people need. With no power needed you will not have to think when and where you can plug them in for a recharge, unlike active noise cancelling headphones.

Designed for life

Supplied with a range of different sized ear tips, you can be sure that your earplugs will fit properly (not irritate you constantly and replace one problem with another!), and they are also suitable for children from age 12 up, presenting a great solution for parents of autistic children who struggle with noisy environments.

In an ideal world, autistic people would be able to adapt everything around them to match their sensitivities. But in a world full of noise, Loop earplugs are the next best solution, designed for life and sure to make a positive difference to autistic hypersensitivity to sound. 

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