1. Audiologist testimonials
2. Musicians testimonials
3. Consumers testimonials


1. Audiologist testimonials

"Nice and unique design, great music quality and they sit comfortable in my ears. Even after wearing them uninterrupted for several hours, I've experienced no discomfort! I'm a huge fan!" - Bert Lecomte, tinnitus-expert

2. Musicians testimonials

"I’ve had a beep in my ears(tinnitus)since I was 14 from going to loud concerts and drumming without earplugs. Now I always use earplugs, custom made or recently Loop earplugs. Loop seals my ear canal well, filters the damaging frequencies, gives a great music experience and looks cool! Something that I could only dream of as 14-year old."-Sean Dhondt, musician and host of The Voice Belgium
"Most comfortable and subtle earplugs I ever used. Cool design and a neutral, filtered sound." DJ Sixtynine, producer and DJ.

3. Consumers testiomonials

"Coming from custom ear protection, I was looking for a cheaper alternative with (almost) the same performance. After testing a couple of different products, I found out about Loop, ordered them and never looked back. They're extremely light due to the 3D printed material, easy to forget you're wearing them, and the filter does not affect sound quality. Makes you able to have a conversation and still enjoy the music, even in the loudest of clubs. I love 'm." - Tom Guns, customer

"Earplugs fit comfortably and don't distort the sound coming in in any noticeable way so I was perfectly able to talk to my friends at a very noisy party. The earplugs don't look ridiculous witch is quite unusual in this price class." - Bruno Tardaguila, customer

"Great earplugs! I wear these to concerts but also started using them to sleep - there's some construction going on outside my house and Loop has definitely helped me sleep better." Kenny, customer

"I like these a lot more than I anticipated. I decided to give them a go when there was a promotion running and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, and use them very often. Shipping was extremely quick, packaging also great. I love the small pouch that is included, makes it really easy to just throw them in your purse or wallet without thinking twice. Earplugs themselves very comfortable, and don't distort the sound. I like the way the loop looks, and it also makes it really easy to take them in and out. I would recommend to my friends!" Annemie, customer