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Recommended to all my friends

Coming from custom ear protection, I was looking for a cheaper alternative with (almost) the same performance. After testing a couple of different products, I found out about Loop, ordered them and never looked back.
Extremely light due to the 3D printed material, easy to forget you're wearing them, and the filter does not affect sound quality.
Makes you able to have a conversation and still enjoy the music, even in the loudest of clubs.
I love 'm.

You wont notice you're wearing them

Bought these after a friend's recommendation. Definitely a great purchase!
I've worn them to Pukkelpop and some concerts. Music quality is awesome, it's like you're not even wearing them.
For me, the silicon eartip fits better than the foam one but that's totally personal.

Exactly what i need

Easy transaction, speedy delivery, nice packaging,...
Earplugs fit comfortably and don't distort the sound coming in in any noticeable way so I was perfectly able to talk to my friends at a very noisy party.
The earplugs don't look ridiculous witch is quite unusual in this price class.
Even comes with a cute little carrying case.
Ideal product for me, I am very glad with my purchase.

Practical, nice looking, use them all the time!

I like these a lot more than I anticipated. I decided to give them a go when there was a promotion running and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, and use them very often. Shipping was extremely quick, packaging also great. I love the small pouch that is included, makes it really easy to just throw them in your purse or wallet without thinking twice. Earplugs themselves very comfortable, and don't distort the sound. I like the way the loop looks, and it also makes it really easy to take them in and out. I would recommend to my friends!

Fantastic Ear Plugs

Very comfortable, fit perfectly, good sound and nice design. Correct service and delivery. Highly recommended.

Me and my girlfriend love these!

Bought 1 set 5 months ago when i read about the concept somewhere, i always had an love/hate relationship with earplugs because the music is always so flat and low on volume with other types.

With these earplugs the the sound feels natural and I even forget that I wear them.
2 Weeks ago i've bought an second set of earplugs for my girlfriend but unfortunately 1 silicon eartip had a crack in it.
The Customer service was very helpfull tho and send me new eartips straight away so thats why i'ts still an 5 star rating from me ^^


Loop Earplugs

Happy Customer

Great look, easy fit in my ears. I am a happy customer!


The sound quality while wearing these is great and they're very comfortable.


First time ever that I heard the drums as they are supposed to be. Without the Loops the sound distorts, whit them I hear the real sound.

Protect your ears, keep the sound quality

Really good ear gear.


Loop Earplugs


Loop Earplugs

Rock Werchter

The loop earplugs work like magic during loud concerts and are also very good to numb noise if you want to sleep! I really recommend loop earplugs tot anyone who needs a decent pair

So Worth It

I got these for an upcoming concert after reading about them on and was so happy with the product! My friends ended up purchasing them after seeing how much I enjoyed them. The music was clear and sounded wonderful, but my ears didn't have a ringing sound afterwards! Definitely a must-have item for concert goers!

Used at Thom York concert, but failed to protect my ears

Used at Thom York concert and it did not reduced the sound enough, so my titanus increased. I guess it is not working good enough for me, 10 euro plugs work better, I expected more from the Loops

Hi Wouter! Thanks for your review, sorry to hear you're not completely satisfied with Loop. Our earplugs provide a 20dB sound reduction, which makes them perfect for music related events. It could be that you need a higher sound reduction in venues where the sound limit is not limited to the agreed 105dB limit. I don't know which ear tips (foam or silicon) you've used, but if you haven't tried the foam ones, I would definitely try them out, because they're heath-activated and will provide more isolation. If this doesn't help, you can always return your pair. Feel free to reach out via Wishing you a lot of epic parties still to come, Ellen
Pros and cons

No more pushing, squeezing, and pulling to get those typical foam earplugs in and out your ears. Loops are very easy and comfortable to use. I might have used them for a different purpose they were meant for: I use them mainly to block out engine noise during long-haul flights so I expected them to be "more silent" but now I read they're not meant to block out sound entirely. Still, a good
and innovative product.


Loop Earplugs

Fits great

I’m glad I have these to wear under my helmet. Unlike some of my other plugs, these fit flush inside the ear. They’re very comfortable. Excellent protection.



Are these custom?

I really like the look, comfort and protections the loops give you.
People come up to me and ask if they're custom-made :)

Perfect voor kind met autisme

Mijn zoon is overgevoelig voor geluidsprikkels. Dankzij mijn tante uit België kregen we Loop. De praktijk bewijst dat deze oordoppen geweldig werken om de prikkels te verminderen. Zelfs door een tunnel lopen bij de Avond4daagse ging goed. Terwijl hij vorig jaar gek werd van het geschreeuw.

Ook in de klas gebruikt hij Loop. Hij hoort de juf wel, maar de achtergrondgeluiden worden gefilterd waardoor hij zich beter kan concentreren. Kortom een aanrader voor kinderen met Autisme Spectrum Stoornis die geluidsprikkels willen dempen.


I was looking forward using the loops not for music, but for horrendous loud lawn care activity as well as tv volume in an adjacent room. Regrettably, the loops and I are not compatible. It was difficult to apply the slicon eartips. I finally succeeded with one and surrendered the other. In that one I used the foam alternative. So now I had one loop in each ear. However, there was no significant difference in ambient volume with or without utilization of the plugs. I was very disappointed.

Hi Claude, Thanks for writing a review, I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our earplugs. Loop provides a 20dB sound reduction, so you should definitely hear a difference. As for the ear tips, we do have a trick to instal the silicon ones on Loop's nozzle. You'll see that they have a colored part on the inside. If you kind of 'flip' the ear tips so that part becomes visible they're easier to install, simply push and twist them on Loop's nozzle. As for the foam ones, simultaneously push and twist them on Loop's nozzle. Please check our unboxing video on Youtube to and see how you can install the silicon ear tips and how to insert Loop properly in your ear. You can find it here: Let me know if you have any questions or need help, Ellen

Easy to put in and take out, very comfortable, and they do what they claim to do - reduce volume while maintaining a large amount of fidelity

Impressed so far!

I was impressed right out of the box or actually while still in the box. Nicely packaged and appeared to be a good product. I have been very happy with the product as they're comfortable and effective.