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Recommended to all my friends

Coming from custom ear protection, I was looking for a cheaper alternative with (almost) the same performance. After testing a couple of different products, I found out about Loop, ordered them and never looked back.
Extremely light due to the 3D printed material, easy to forget you're wearing them, and the filter does not affect sound quality.
Makes you able to have a conversation and still enjoy the music, even in the loudest of clubs.
I love 'm.

You wont notice you're wearing them

Bought these after a friend's recommendation. Definitely a great purchase!
I've worn them to Pukkelpop and some concerts. Music quality is awesome, it's like you're not even wearing them.
For me, the silicon eartip fits better than the foam one but that's totally personal.

Exactly what i need

Easy transaction, speedy delivery, nice packaging,...
Earplugs fit comfortably and don't distort the sound coming in in any noticeable way so I was perfectly able to talk to my friends at a very noisy party.
The earplugs don't look ridiculous witch is quite unusual in this price class.
Even comes with a cute little carrying case.
Ideal product for me, I am very glad with my purchase.

Practical, nice looking, use them all the time!

I like these a lot more than I anticipated. I decided to give them a go when there was a promotion running and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, and use them very often. Shipping was extremely quick, packaging also great. I love the small pouch that is included, makes it really easy to just throw them in your purse or wallet without thinking twice. Earplugs themselves very comfortable, and don't distort the sound. I like the way the loop looks, and it also makes it really easy to take them in and out. I would recommend to my friends!

Fantastic Ear Plugs

Very comfortable, fit perfectly, good sound and nice design. Correct service and delivery. Highly recommended.

Me and my girlfriend love these!

Bought 1 set 5 months ago when i read about the concept somewhere, i always had an love/hate relationship with earplugs because the music is always so flat and low on volume with other types.

With these earplugs the the sound feels natural and I even forget that I wear them.
2 Weeks ago i've bought an second set of earplugs for my girlfriend but unfortunately 1 silicon eartip had a crack in it.
The Customer service was very helpfull tho and send me new eartips straight away so thats why i'ts still an 5 star rating from me ^^


Loop Earplugs

Happy Customer

Great look, easy fit in my ears. I am a happy customer!


The sound quality while wearing these is great and they're very comfortable.


First time ever that I heard the drums as they are supposed to be. Without the Loops the sound distorts, whit them I hear the real sound.



Hi Randall, thankssomuchforyourreview ;-) And for letting us know there's a bug in our review tool. We'll get right on it, thanks! Lots of party greetings, Ellen from Loop
no item

I haven't recieved my order.


I choosed the silicon plug, and I’m very satisfied about comfort and isolation of loops.

Feel good, look good, protection guaranteed.

Wish these were around when I was young & stupid and didn’t want to wear earplugs “because they weren’t cool”. Fucked up my hearing, causing tinnitus. Made me extremely cautious about my hearing nowadays, so very happy with my Loops, for me as well as my wife, who is still younger than me... but obviously less stupid. ;)

Good quality for the price

The product is really great! However, I did find some some things which could be improved: The bass is still way too overpowering - thus, the sound is still quite muffled; also, after prolonged use, the ear canal starts to hurt a little (even though i used the smallest size). Now, in the end, for the money that I paid, I am satisfied with the product, but if you were able to make the mids and high more clear and to reduce the bass response, it would make this product more than worth the money.
All the best!

Hi Octavian, Thanks so much for your review! We will definitely use your feedback in future product development. As for the ear tips, did you also try the foam ones? Some people prefer these, if you have a smaller ear canal it’s best to roll them between the tips of your fingers and insert them afterwards. They’ll automatically adapt to you ear canal. Lots of party greetings, Ellen

Ik ben zeer tevreden over de oordoppen. Ze blijven goed zitten gedurende een hele nacht waardoor ik snel vergat dat ik ze in had. De kwaliteit van de de muziek is nog steeds goed. Enkel zouden ze nog iets meer geluid mogen dempen.

Will not protect your hearing

The ear plugs are useless. The stem part is too short to provide hearing protection. (To make sure it wasn't just a problem for me, I had other people try them --- with the same result.)

Hi Adele, We're so sorry to hear you don't like Loop. Loop earplugs provide a 20dB reduction which is more than sufficient to protect your hearing at music events and other venues. Just to make sure you’re using Loop correctly: did you install the eartips on Loop’s stem far enough? If yes, which ones did you use, silicon or foam? If you're not happy with Loop you can always return them, free of charge and get a full refund. Just send us an email with your contact info to Best, Ellen from Loop
Does what it should do!

Went to a very noisy cafe and I was very glad I took them with me. While everyone else was trying to cover their ears, I was doing just fine. Thanks, Loop!

Awesome earplugs

These earplugs gave you amazing and clean sound. They’re super comfortable and Will protect your ears


Loop Earplugs


usualy using in the job. good noise reduction

Finally something secure and stylish to wear at the concert

Got these nice pair of loop for my significant other and i.
Shipping was fast, well packed.
On the plus side : Nice fit after some tries. Beautiful. Really lower the sound.
On the minus side : Sometimes the sound is a little bit far and it's difficult to get all the musical emotion from the live music. Really small, be careful not to loose them when you take them off in the crowded venues. Maybe some kind of string could be nice.
Nevertheless, will buy other pairs with these new gorgeous colours.

Great for sleeping as well :)

Great earplugs! I wear these to concerts but also started using them to sleep - there's some construction going on outside my house and Loop has definitely helped me sleep better.

Really taking the edge off

Often at concerts it's just too loud! With the loop plugs the music and sound is still great just without the hurting :)

I have small ear canals so I requested the small tips which were sent to me an I was very greatfull for. The small tips combined with the desing make a good and comfortable fit... and I'm not known as fan of putting things in my ear :')

I'm still getting used to having a coversation with wearing plugs though, this is a weird muffled sensation but definitely possible.

Even perfect for skydiving!

I use 'm for skydiving and indoor skydiving. Super polyvalent!

Just ordered my second piece. For this amount of money you can't risk not having it with you. So you can as well buy an extra pair if you're using it for different things.

Super advisable!


Veruit de meest comfortabele oordoppen die ik ooit al heb gehad. Zitten zelfs beter dan de op maat gemaakte die ik heb. Ze mochten echter wel nog een stuk meer dempen. De grootste kritiek is dat je jezelf heel hard hoort praten, wat ik bij goedkopere oordoppen niet had. er zijn dus nog 2 werkpunten.

Hi Nik! Thanks so much for your review! We've received the same feedback from other customers and are working on heavier filters, which should be ready soon! We can definitely let you know once they're in if you send us your email address to Talk soon, Ellen from Loop
Good comfortable earplugs

These Loop earplugs are super. The comfort is good, you can wear them all day without getting pain in your ears. Also no leakage if you use the foamearpads as they form to your ears. 4 stars because I'd like to have heavier filters which they are working on as they told me.

Hi Michaël! Thanks so much for your review! We're indeed working on heavier filters, we can definitely let you know once they're in if you send us your email address to Talk soon, Ellen from Loop

Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs
Geweldig passende earplugs

Door de super passende earplug heb je niet door dat ze überhaupt in je oren zitten. Muziek word op een juiste manier gefilterd en je mist dus niets van een feest of concert.

Just amazing

Are so useful and totally in stylee!!!!

They work great!! Comfortable fit and I'm very pleased

They work great!


Loop Earplugs

Five stars

Comfortable fit, weight light! Came on time as well.

Nice extra's

It brings the volume down but not too much.The earplugs also have an extra set of eartips and the pouch that comes with it is really useful.


These earplugs work very well. I can hear everything, even a conversation too!

Reduce volume, not quality

I wore these last weekend to a show. Before going I checked out the different eartips and choose the silicon ones as they fit me best. Loops are lightweight and it didn't felt like I was wearing ear plugs. The sound quality is the same as when you're not wearing earplugs only they really do reduce the volume of the music, not the quality. Which I tested by removing them for a few seconds while the band were playing and the difference was huge! I'm not going out without Loop's ever again!


Good product and service.

Worth the money

Loop is a bit more expensive than other earplugs but they are worth it! The sound is clear, it's like you are not even wearing earplugs. They sit comfortable in my ear. The nice look is a bonus.

What a difference!

Went to the Gorrilaz show in Antwerp this year, used the Loops for the first time. I chose the foam buds to test the way the fit and stay in my ears. It was a perfect fit, didn't have to push them back in every time and didn't feel them anymore after 10 minutes. Sound quality was very good, I enjoyed the show a lot and did not have the feeling I missed a part of the music. I also took them out once and was amazed by how loud the music was and that the sound did not improve without the buds, on the contrary. A lot of surrounding noise was filtered out, so the music actually came through a lot cleaner. It does take some getting used to, but in the end, a very happy user.


J’urilise mes loop pour aller dans les discothèques et ils sont parfais. Restent bien en place, ne camoufle pas la musique, permet d’entendre clairement les gens mais surtout ne fatique pas mes oreilles

Good sound

Fashionable earplugs and they give great sound from the music..

Quality ear protection

I wore my Loops at a college campus EDM event and the music was so loud, I don't think that I could have stayed for the headliner without the ear protection from my loops! I wore the foam tips as they fit my ear better than the silicone, and my only complaint was that the person next to me talking was muffled, I had to take one loop out to hear them clearly. However, sound quality from the show was perfect, and I walked out without any pain or ringing in my ears. I would recommend this product and have bought a second pair already for a friend.

Protect your hearing and enjoy the music

Sound quality is great and the design is so different compared to the earpkugs I had before.I have never had ear plugs like Loop so I can't speak compared to those types , but I recommend these if you're looking to protect your hearing and at the same time look good while still enjoying the music. I have never had ear plugs like Loop so I can't speak compared to those types , but I recommend these if you're looking to protect your hearing and at the same time look good while still enjoying the music.


Loop Earplugs

Extra set of eartips is neat

These earplugs come with 2 different eartips. I lost my foam ones so now using the silicone ones. They are both fit although I slightly prefer the foam ones. Sound quality is great while the volume is really lower.


Loop Earplugs

thank you

they are an investment in your ears for the future, and they look very cool.

Good value for money

The Loops come with several eartips and a black pouch in which you can store them. They are very light which makes them easy to carry and the pouch fits in your pocket. The eartips are easy to change on the Loops and fit my ear. Music quality is really good. Volume is a lot lower but in some clubs the music is still playing too loud. (I guess that depends on where you go out)


Loop Earplugs

No party without Loop

The moment I could use these Loop earplugs, the party was even more ecstatic.
I don't need to worry anymore about the volume of the music.
The ear plugs are very comfortable and have a good fit.
And above all the design is cool, just like you’re wearing jewellery.
I highly recommend everyone to order some Loop plugs!